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Poll: Do LEOs have the same right of Free Speech as regular citizens do when they are off-duty?

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    Deputies Rights

    Good question according to the Supreme Court, a Police Officer has the same rights as a private citizen, but an agency could take it upon itself to overlook those rights, such as Sheriff Gee, and his staff, as Law Enforcement Officers, the call for duty is pretty basic, and quite simple: protect the public, protect peoples rights, and the Constitution of the United States, and the States Constitution, and States Laws. Now as far as the Sheriff wanting to get the names of people who have posted "RACIAL SLURS", on the website. I have to tell you, its really a joke. The Sheriff is an elected official, really no longer a police officer, and you really don't have to be a cop to be Sheriff. The Sheriff is a Politician, and as Harry Truman said "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen". Critisism goes with the job, so if you don't like it, you better learn to love it, or get out of the Office.You don't really have to get the names of people on the website, anybody remember Sgt Robert E Lee, who at role calls would openly refer to Mexican Americans as "BEANERS", and more recently 2004 a D2 Det, referring to black people that he saw on a porch,as" PORCH MONKEYS", and when the Det Sgt found out asked that this not be made an issue out of because he only had 6 months to Retirement.PLEASE Sheriff leave the website alone, remember what your job really is, and if you want to clean up something, start with some of the racisim that exsists within your own office. Your job is to PROTECT THE 1ST AMENDMENT not violate it.

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    Get it right!

    The two posts above are so incoherent, disorganized and replete with false assumptions and irrelevant arguments that it is difficult to refute them with rational discourse. They also appear to have both been written by the same person.

    I have decided not to make a point-by-point rebuttal because the posts are so disjointed that it is difficult to identify the "points."

    Suffice it to say, you have all of the constitutional rights of any other citizen.

    But, you do not have a constitutional right to be employed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

    In order to be so employed you relinquish your rights to some degree in accordance with rules and regulations which are de facto Conditions of Employment.

    You may, at any time, assert your full constitutional rights on any subject. You may, however, subsequently be disciplined by the office - up to an including termination of employment.

    In exercising your constitutional rights you have not broken a law and cannot be arrested. However, it is possible that you may have broken a Condition of Employment and you can be disciplined.

    I do not understand why some people find this so difficult to understand...............


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    You forgot to say that if you are speaking out about something you feel the Office has done that is wrong, and the public needs to know, then you can seek protect under the Whistle Blowers Act and hope you are protected.

    And why go "Fishing" via the courts to enforce the policy. For all you know the posters were not employeed by the Office or were retired. LEOAFFAIRS as claimed since day one they do not have the information that is being seeked. So one can only assume that the information is already known by the Office, but can not be used yet because it was gained by means other through proper channels. Then how will this information be used as how can one prove who was sitting at the keyboard typing the stokes? Would it not be funny if someone sat outside the house of a staff member and logged into their wireless system that was left unprotected and typed away. Would that staff member be fired? I think not because nothing is 100% unless the person stands uo and says "it was me me me". It can not be proven. Do you not think that maybe, just maybe the tax payers money of this County can be put to better use?

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    Whistleblowers Act

    Have you ever filed anything under the Whistleblowers Act before?
    When you do, get back to me..that is...if you aren't on toilet duty.

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    Answerman, you need to change your name to clueless man, what don't you understand. The post was clear, the Sheriff should be cleaning out his own closet in his Office, instead of using the feeble excuse of looking for it in the internet, and the incidents provided. I was witness to. No employer has the right to rob you of your civil rights, unless you sign a contract with that employer, giving those rights up. dude, you must be trying to kiss somebodies ass for a promotion, wipe the crap off of your lips, and wake up.

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    Re: POLL: Do LEOs have the same rights as citizens?

    LEOs have more rights than civilians. You can bust down a homeowners door in the middle of the night and kill the man and go, OPPS, wrong house and hind behind that badge can't you? We can't. You should be held to a higher standard and face triple penalties for infractions of the law. All the bad apples out there make you all look like a bunch of criminals with badges.

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    Yes, they have the same rights

    please show me where the Consitution says other wise

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