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    Sheriff Mareno

    Having recently moved from NY to Florida, I can't help notice what a media hound Sheriff Marceno is. There isn't a camera or interview he doesn't like. What the hell is with Sheriff Marceno? Here is a guy who lied about his past law enforcement experience in NY, in order to get certified in Florida. If you don't believe me, just watch the FOX News story about him. The guy was a part-time squirrel chaser for the park police before coming to Fl. He failed his first police exam and then with some coaching, ultimately passed the second one, but not before he was fired from the Naples POlice Department.

    He never was a REAL COP, but now goes on TV dressed in camo and taking part in arrets. What a phoney. As Sheriff, he is the top administrator, not the top street cop.

    Many of the deputies have told me that they don't respect him and can't wait for him to leave. I'm sure the women feel the same way. You guys must be embarrassed to have him.
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