It’s so difficult to keep things secret in this town.

MICCOSUKEE Officer stopped a speeding vehicle on their road (federal land). The driver of the speeding vehicle did not hesitate to identify himself as Steadman Stahl. The officer had no idea who he was. Well, stahl proceeded to advise the officer that he was the PBA President. The officer never heard of him.
Stahl switched to plan B and said he was friends with HPOA leadership, which he named. Luckily the officer let him go.
The irony of the story is that big shot Stahl needed to drop the names of people has has criticized to get out of a jam.
I wonder if stahl was wearing one of his billboard shirts that we pay for. Yes, we pay for their entire wardrobe and they look like NASCAR outfits those letters are so huge. But, I suppose if you’re not known that’s one way to get your name out.
Speaking of which a couple months back I saw a guy that looks like Mr Magoo which my parents watched as kids. He too was wearing a PBA NASCAR type jacket displaying the billboard.
So if you ever get stopped you’ll have a better chance dropping HPOA names instead of PBA.
Safe travels!