Hi All,

I am a sworn police officer in California (7.5 years) and am looking to move to Texas. I have already completed all of the application paperwork and 1018 supplemental course.

At this point, all I have left in the process is to take the actual TCOLE exam which I plan to do next month. My questions are as follows:

I am taking the practice tests through TEEX and have had some success. In anyone's experience did success on this practice test modality equal success/passing of the actual exam for you? I have found the questions to be scattered and oftentimes unrelated to law enforcement.

There are numbers next to the questions in the TEEX practice exams such as (12). I'm assuming these correspond to a learning domain where the questions are pulled from. Where can I find these learning domains/chapters to review?

Are there any other sources someone would recommend to actually study other than reading through the code of criminal procedure, etc.? That material is so dry and there is so much information, it's hard to know what to actually focus on.

Also, I have found conflicting information regarding the passing score of the exam...is it 70% or 80%?

Has anyone taken the test recently and what were your general thoughts?

Thank you in advance!