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Spoken from the idiot who doesn't live in Portland yet cares so much about the good citizens there.

Hey moron please get educated and stop allowing Hannity and Carson to corrupt what little brain cells you have left.

Stay off this site spreading your racism and hate. If you are a cop please find a new profession. I guess if the traders who did attack our Nation Capitol were all black, your racist as would have more to say.

Hating blacks helps you gain nothing. Hating whites help you gain nothing. Calling Cubans uneducated crafters help.you gain nothing.

Get your head out of your AZZ!!!!

Find a hobby like going to college and learn how to treat and love one another. Damn you are stupid to keep this division up.

Cops need to back up their fellow officers regardless of color.

Now 1619 that losers!!!!

The LIBERAL MEDIA/DEMOCRATS re-writing history! What's new?