Your post will not be posted until....
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    Your post will not be posted until....

    How many of you are receiving a pop up that advises your post will not be posted until it is viewed by a moderator. Some, but not all of mine are generating the response. Is it a particular word I might use in the post. It is not profanity. I have ruled that out. I have had a post or two that were never posted. Was it the content of my post or was it mistakenly overlooked by moderator. It seems as though I (we) are being censored for some reason. Then, when my post are posted, they post in the thread when I originally posted it and are overlooked by others reading the most current post. I am interested to know if it happens to many others or not. Moderator, Can you clarify the process for your posters?

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    There is some algorithm that picks which post have to be moderated before being posted. I have yet to figure out what gets posts selected, other than I have seen that having multiple links will do it. I can't figure out what other things will do it.

    Most of them are spam posts. Once a day in the evening time, I go through quickly and check them to see if they are spam or not. If not, then they should be posted on the board that night.

    Yes, like you said they are posted in the time frame of where you actually submitted the post, not when I went through the posts eliminating the spam from them.

    I hope this helps.

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    I am the original poster. I never attach previous post like others do. I never post links. I am only providing my additional response for your knowledge in figuring out what prompts the pop up. Most of my post get posted eventually, all but one that was never posted did not have anything aggressive, or have links. I am glad there are no blatant attempts to censor. Thank you for your response moderator.

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