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    Post requst of MOD-1 - Union stuff outta control

    Please, Mod-1, the union related postings have totally hijacked this forum yet once again. On behalf of myself and the handful of MDPD coworkers I've talked to, who used to use this site more regularly, we would love to see more active censoring of the posts. While a sub-forum was created for union related posts, it isn't being enforced, and once again has made the main forum practically useless. You have to sift though pages and pages of nonsense related to PBA, PLEA, Steadman, Domingo, Jenkins, etc etc. It would be great if anything was posted with those words just got automatically moved to the union sub-forum.

    MDPD related posters/readers have legitimate concerns/gripes related to the department. Union related stuff is one of them, but its not everything, and definitely not more than 50% of everyone's interest. With less and less ability to post and read about non-union issues, this webpage loses viewers who get sick and tired of being inundated with the back and forth moaning and groaning and complaining of "grown" men bickering back and forth. I can't imagine how many hours some of them must spend a day posting fake replies to their own posts trying to slander their online enemies.

    Although there may be a price to pay in censorship by deleting people's posts that begin to hijack a thread, it may help to salvage the legitimacy of the MDPD forum. Otherwise, many will just continue to stop using this forum. It's become a shell of its former self.

    To readers who agree with this post, please repost it with a thumbs up or something, so that it will stay up near the top of the page, as I'm sure their will be some union leaders/haters/wannabees, that will be posting like crazy to push this down.

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    I don't have the time to go through looking for them. If you would report them by clicking on the Report this Post button located on the bottom left of every post a link would be emailed to me. Even better yet, volunteer on how to become a Moderator.


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