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    What has happened to FCPD?

    I just watched the body camera video of the recent tasing of a subject who was exhibiting obvious signs of drug abuse and mental problems. I am glad that I am FCPD retired because I am extremely embarrassed for my department. During my patrol years at FCPD I worked Mason District and routinely handled similar events as shown in the video along the Route 7 corridor. We fought people every night and it wasn’t always pretty. We fought to win and people got hurt. We did what we had to do and station command left us alone. That was the days before cameras and tasers. The only other station that had to deal with similar confrontations was the Mount Vernon Station. The best street cops worked Mason and Mount Vernon. So what has changed? Are we going so PC that the Command Staff and the Commonwealth Attorney are willing to throw FCPD officers under the bus in order to appease the masses? What happened to covering our backs? But I guess some of you in Command Staff have forgotten what real police work in all about. Yes, I know who you are because you were all rookies when I was a veteran officer. I also know what type of cop you were before you worked your way up the ranks. Maybe you should retire and do the agency a favor.

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    almost a year later and things have changed

    good for FCPD.............

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