This is specifically to the poster who is repeatedly posting on this board as if they are a specific member of the command staff of this agency. I am hereby notifying you that posts like this are a violation of the Terms of Use. Your posts are no longer welcome here. I have banned a number of your IP addresses and you are circumventing those bans. Any further postings that violate the Terms of Use, will cause me to take whatever steps that I deem necessary to try to stop you from posting on here.

Furthermore, if you continue to make posts that violate the Terms of Use, I may decide it is no longer necessary for me to protect your ip address from those that might seek it for legal reasons. I have never turned over an ip address for any reason, but I think in situations like this, I would feel less compelled to protect someone's ip address who refused to follow the rules that are expected of all posters.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Mod 1