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    I live in the Bay Area, California. Same problem over here as well. At one point, California had introduced a $1000 non-fixable ticket for an excessively loud exhaust, but it's been reverted back to a $25 dollar fix-it ticket, so i heard. The residential street where my house is located used to be very peaceful and quiet some 10 years ago, but now I hear a loud car with a modified exhaust drive by almost every 5 to 10 minutes or so. The frustrating part is that even car manufacturers make their vehicles, such as Mustangs and Chargers, excessively loud right out of the factory! I wish some law firm or firms would start a multi-billion dollar class action law suit against those car, truck and third party exhaust system manufacturers which intentionally make cars and trucks excessively loud - i think many people would sign up. Those manufacturers, by making loud vehicles, ruin people's quality of life and geopardize people's safety, not just on the roads. Imagine, a truck driver who got woken up in the middle of the night by the roar of one of those machines, who will be driving a 40 ton big rig all sleepy the next day. Imagine a pilot or a surgeon in the same situation and the lives that depend on them getting a proper rest. This noise pollution has got to stop!

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    Reply: Bay Area California

    Interesting post Bay area California. They should keep that $1000.00 non-fixable ticket for modified exhaust.(That was courage and the right thing to do) I say this because it will deter the other guys who want to put this type of exhaust in their machine. Also start to reduce this bad behavior our streets.(this is no joke, this can cause accidents) It's no longer a hobby when it becomes a total mental disorder of disrespect to the community. I like your perspective on the car manufacturers , Seems that money Trumps doing the right thing at this juncture in time in America. Really good points . I don't think the authorities realize how UN-healthy this constant barrage of garbage noise on purpose because they have no clue how ignorant they are to what they r doing . What's really concerning me is our authority who has the power to stop this garbage behavior is doing nothing at this time. That's why I see no response to this post from Vinny. I'm very concerned why as this post specify, why a very blatant road hazard not be addressed by law enforcement in this post. (after all we are on a law enforcement website, lol) Any who, this is a big time needed post. Thanks guys.

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    Wow guys, lot of views on this topic. I been doing some research, it seems this is not a federal issue, It’s a local challenge. So, I guess from here the best course of action is to contact our local authorities. I wish law enforcement would chime in here on this thread and let us know what course of action to take to address this blatant disrespectful conduct on our roads. It is without a doubt a road hazard now and some course of action needs to be incorporated. If anyone else has any challenges in your area with these modified exhaust machines, your more than welcome to post here on this thread. Thank you for the opportunity to post on this Seminole County Law Enforcement web-site.

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    Exclamation Where is the Road Safety Authority on this post??

    This is a really needed post here. I read this whole post and am concerned why the authority of the road safety is not putting an input here. This is a very serious situation on our roads at this time. Thank you.

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