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    Exclamation Attention Requested Please

    Today someone posted a list of IP addresses that they claimed to be users of this message board. While I know this to be bullshit, I would not be doing right by you if I did not investigate it fully. So I have removed the thread to a private area where I can go through that list IP through IP.

    So far the few that I have checked are real IP addresses. None have shown to be posters on this board though. I will continue to check them until I get through with the entire list. I will provide updates as needed.

    Even though I know your identity is secure, if you feel it might not be, then I would suggest the use of a proxy server or VPN. There are several free ones out there that will work good for you for posting here. Just Google proxy server or VPN.

    If you have any questions please let me know.

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