This has nothing to do with the Police Officers who I guess technically work under the Department of Justice. The DoJ was established on July 1st, 1870. This is my beef with the DoJ. Their authority is resembling a fourth branch of government. They don't work for the Judicial branch of government. So as we know from this Mueller investigation, that there strongly appears to be a close relationship between the Executive Branch and the DoJ.
So if their authority is strong enough to resemble another branch of government, and they have close ties with the executive branch, then that gives an unfair advantage to the executive branch above Congress and the Judicial Branch of government, and immediately we are compelled to think that they would be closer to the Judicial Branch, but obviously, not the case. Which brings me to my final point in this very condensed form of my opinion, that the DoJ could actually be unconstitutional since it was established 94 years after the Constitution was written. This might seem like an extreme statement to make, but it is also obvious that we would be incredibly remiss to not have attempted to solve the problem of a run away President and the excessive powers that a non-functional Congress has also contributed to that. I would think that they did that so that they could concentrate more on their pork barrel spending and poison pill lawmaking.

Jerry Walz Jr.