I hope allowed but I wanted to see if there is something I am missing. But is there illegal activities that have made cemetaries popular?

To give background, I live remotely. And I live next to an old private cemetery that is relatively secluded save for me and off of a main highway. I have lived here for years and as I have no neighbors the one "stranger" I typically see is visitors to the cemetery visiting loved ones. Now let me preface, I live very near to the Florida line.

The last few months, I have been noticing unusual activity at the cemetary. So much so, the mutual neighbor to the cemetery (a museum) has noticed it as well. Vehicles will show up and wait. Wait for what I have no idea. In the beginning, the same vehicle would come to the cemetery for hours. Followed up by a second vehicle. As I and the museum have been more and more obvious about what the visitors are doing, the original vehicles stopped. But the activity has not stopped.

I have seen no transactions per se, but the one thing I am 100 percent sure of, is they are not visiting relatives. When I see them I make my presence known. Sometimes they will park the vehicle out of my line of sight.

I for the life of me cannot figure out why they are there. I am certain why they are not there, which is visit loved ones. And both and the museum have made it obvious they are noticing their frequent visitations. The one thing I am certain is that, they are waiting. I was informed by the museum that the DEA and police are aware. Which makes me feel a whole lot better. But for the life of me, do not understand what they are doing. Have any of you experienced this?