You may find this surprising to hear from a criminal defense attorney, but I support Deputy Peraza 100%. He is the Broward Sheriff's Office deputy recently indicted two and a half years after a JUSTIFIED shooting with an armed suspect.

I believe he is wrongfully accused and I am disgusted by the fact that he is now facing a 1st Degree Felony for doing his job and defending life.

I am posting here to seek your support in fighting back.

Help me send a clear message to Broward County's elected State Attorney, Michael J. Satz, that this type of political prosecution is not supported by the community - especially by those who wear kevlar to work every day.

You can read my legal analysis of the case here:

You can read and sign the petition here:

Sign it. Share it. Fight for what is right!

Thank you all for what you do to keep our community safe. You have supporters in places you might not ever imagine.

- Brian Silber, Esq.