Gus Abella BANNED From This Site
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    Gus Abella BANNED From This Site

    Gus Abela has a history of violating our Terms of Use by making repetitive posts (i.e. "Since 2007 family punished by Miami Dade Police for speaking up.") that have all but taken over this message board. I worked out an agreement with him today at 0904 hours to restrict all postings having to do with his MDPD issue to one specific string within the forum. I also offered to let him name the subject of this string and to make it a sticky (at the top). I also explained the consequences if he did not agree to these terms. At 1224 hours I received another telephone call from Mr. Abela because he was upset at Mod 680 for deleting a response he made in violation of our earlier agreement. Mr. Abela refused to abide by the terms of our agreement and I verbally revoked authorization for him to access or to use our site. I informed him that any future access by him of our site would constitute a 3rd degree felony [FSS 815.06(1)(a)] and that I would seek to have him arrested and prosecuted for the same. I also told him that his IP address would no longer be protected. Mr. Abela then proceeded to begin telling me that I have no credibility before I terminated the telephone call. I have also given Mod 680 the authorization to remove any and all postings that appear to have been made by Mr. Abela.

    Since the presence of Mr. Abela on this site has created some drama and multiple complaints in this forum, I felt it only fair to update our users on this latest development. If any of our users see a post that appears to be from Mr. Abela, please report it immediately so we can investigate. For those not aware, Florida State Statute also empowers us to bring Civil Action and obtain reasonable Attorney Fees against those convicted as well as the Forfeiture of their equipment.

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    Thank you very much for handling that.

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    Sorry to see you had to come back for this. But I'm glad you did, as I'm sure most other users are. Thank you.

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    Gus Abella BANNED From This Site

    I cant access this forum --not even as a guest-- for almost 2 days. I thought that I got banned, but hey I can login again. What happened??? Im so curious roite now, Thanks before.

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