WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Taking America’s Guns

Poll: What would you do if ordered to seize firearms from law abiding citizens?

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    WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Taking America’s Guns

    This poll is in response to the article titled "WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Taking America's Guns" written by Chip DeBlock. The purpose of this poll is to gauge the level of responsiveness of law enforcement officers (LEOs) and military personnel should they be ordered to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens. This poll is for active (including auxiliary and reserve) LEOs and Military Personnel ONLY. In order to help ensure that users can vote only once, their IP address will be allowed once. Please keep in mind that we are talking about going door-to-door seizing firearms from law abiding citizens (not convicted felons, people with mental illness, those with an active restraining order, etc.). Please make two (2) selections when taking this poll, one for what you would do and one for whether you’re a LEO or Military. If you are both a LEO and in the Military Reserve, please select the top two options (LEO and Military) and list what you would do (making a total of three (3) selections). Your vote in this poll will be completely anonymous.
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    No I would not confiscate guns

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