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    I have spoken with Mod 1 and a policy was created to address this topic. Here is the link should you want so reading material, http://www.leoaffairs.com/vb_forums/terms-of-use/

    "Active criminal and/or internal affairs investigations will generally not be discussed in the forums unless they have already been exposed in the media. If an investigation is being covered in the media and is a topic of conversation in the forums, it will be regulated to a single topic (string) under the appropriate forum unless determined otherwise by a staff level moderator or higher. Notwithstanding, postings related to ongoing investigations will not suggest or recommend forms of punishment or discipline to affected LEOs so as not to unduly influence the outcome."

    Now knowing what the policy is, if information that is not in the media comes out in the tread, it could be subject for deletion. Please post a link to the story for reference.
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