The RuneFest 2014 traditional tickets go on sale on Monday 28 July. As we said before, the tickets this year can be free with your WildStar Gold RuneScape Bonds. What’s more, you can use your Crystal Coins to buy food and merchandise at RuneFest, even pay for a room.

If you’d prefer to pay more traditionally, tickets will also be on sale on July 28 from 10am BST. The full details of how and where to buy the tickets will be given on Monday.

In addition, ticket, hotel room and purchase through Bonds will be available once Monday’s game update goes live. So mark the 28th July, don’t miss out.

If you don’t know how to use Bonds to buy ESO Gold tickets, we’d review it again.

You are able to use your Runescape Bonds to get sought-after tickets and a hotel room, so you have somewhere to lay your head before and after an exciting day at RuneFest. While 35 RS Bonds equal to one RuneFest ticket, and 70 RS Bonds equal to two RuneFest tickets. One twin room on 10th October or 11th Oct. needs 55 Bonds. If you need a ticket and hotel package, 125 Bonds can get you Two RuneFest tickets and twin room on 10th Oct. or 11th Oct. While 180 Bonds can get you two RuneFest tickets and twin room for both nights.

This year they also introducing Crystal Coins, you will be able to use them to pay for everything including food, drinks and all merchandise. You can enjoy RuneFest without spending a penny. While your Crystal Coins will be available to purchase from the Bonds interface in game soon. But your are only able to get Crystal Coins after you’ve bought your RuneFest ticket.

So start saving your Bonds now. It is a better way to enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online Gold biggest RuneScape event. We will be glad to see you at RuneFest.