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    Fire Officer for Recklessly Shooting at Teenagers


    Fire Officer for Recklessly Shooting at Teenager

    Posted by Jennifer Schwager

    Target: Chief Chuck Jordan, Tulsa Police Department

    Goal: Dismiss officer who shot at a car containing two innocent teenagers

    An officer is currently under investigation for discharging his firearm at two unarmed teens in a vehicle. The public schools officer attempted to question the pair of minors when he found them in a car in the school parking lot, and shot at their vehicle when they attempted to leave the scene. The officer is currently on paid vacation while detectives investigate the case.

    According to a police statement, the officer approached the car while two teens were kissing. As they were not being accused of a crime or arrested, the driver invoked his right to refuse to answer questions and leave. The officer, who stated he felt threatened by the pair’s attempt to leave, shot a live round at the vehicle while the teenagers were inside.

    This public school officer has never had any hands-on firearms training in a police academy, and has only been asked to complete 25 hours of online classes per year. It is unclear whether or not this course covers conflict avoidance or how to deal with individuals who invoke their rights.

    Whether properly trained or not, it is clear that this officer exercised reckless behavior and disregard for the safety of these two students. Armed officers that are unable to properly assess a dangerous situation pose a serious threat to the well being of citizens. Your signature will demand that the officer be immediately fired for his lack of judgement which endangered the lives of two innocent teenagers.


    Dear Chief Chuck Jordan,

    A Tulsa Public Schools officer recently opened fire on two teenagers in a school parking lot. When he attempted to question the kissing couple, they invoked their right to stay silent and leave. The teenagers, who were not suspected of a crime, began to drive away and in response the officer fired a live round into the vehicle while the teens were inside it.

    While the officer is currently suspended with pay pending an investigation, it is clear that the officer exercised poor judgement and disregard for the safety of the students. The officer recklessly endangered the teenagers with his hasty and irresponsible actions.

    It is imperative that armed officers in a position of authority are able to properly distinguish between a threatening situation and a situation that is both legal and not dangerous. I ask that this officer be fired immediately, as he is clearly unfit for a position of such importance.


    [Your Name Here]

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    Re: Fire Officer for Recklessly Shooting at Teenagers

    The above petition on FORCECHANGE.COM calls for the firing of an officer who they say recklessly shot at teenagers. According to the site the officer attempted to question the minors and shot at their car when they attempted to leave the parking lot. They go on to make statements such as the minors not being accused of committing a crime when the officer fired. They also do not refer to him as a police officer (which he is) and incorrectly state that he is on paid vacation (in the article) and suspended with pay (in the petition) instead of paid administrative leave (normal for police after being involved in a shooting). There is a claim that the officer "never had any hands-on firearms training in a police academy" which I cannot substantiate through any other source (and there are quite a few).

    The problem I have with this petition is the premature judging of the officer while there is currently an active investigation underway. Let's leave it to the professionals and trust them to do the right thing...if they do not, then voice your concerns after all the facts are out. Not referring to him as a police officer and saying he's already been suspended for the act creates an unfair environment in which to solicit petition signatures from ill informed citizens. Truth be told, numerous and solid news sources reveal that the officer observed the occupied vehicle in the school parking lot at about 1:30 am on a Sunday morning (Saturday night). Besides being suspicious, that alone would normally constitute the crime of trespass on school property. Also left out of the story was a verbal altercation the 17 year old male driver had with the officer as he refused to follow his commands. The observance of a second crime by the officer, possession of alcoholic beverages by the minors, was also conveniently left out of the story. The driving away from the scene by the male does not give us enough information to make a judgement. If the officer was standing between the vehicle and the escape route when the driver fled, that could easily justify the use of deadly force. There are other scenarios where such action would be justified as well. Even if the left rear tire was the impact point for the bullet, that could be explained as well.

    I'm not saying this is a good shoot, but it could be. There simply has not been enough information released to make such a determination. One thing I do know...the documented justification for such a petition to fire this officer is flawed. Time will tell...

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    Re: Fire Officer for Recklessly Shooting at Teenagers

    If this was a "school officer" they are not Tulsa Police officers, but officers hired by Tulsa Public Schools. Chief Jordan is not their chief, etc.

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