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    How much did mobile marketing efforts work?

    Many businesses have been focusing their marketing efforts on SMS and mobile. The mobile marketing efforts have taken a lot of time and money, and a lot of focus has been taken from other marketing efforts. The real question, though, is whether or not these mobile marketing efforts actually worked. One good way to test it is to look at how Black Friday was affected by businesses texting instead of using other forms of marketing.

    Black Friday: was it worth it?

    If there is one thing we have noticed, it is that Black Friday was drastically impacted by the text marketing out there. Mobile marketing doesn’t have to be so hard when you have a business texting system in place. It is hard to see how exactly each business benefited from the mobile marketing techniques, but we can easily compare companies that beefed up text marketing compared with those who did no texting at all. For example, according to Mobile Marketing Watch, Best Buy did a huge texting campaign to consumers before Black Friday this year. It all started by simply asking customers to sign up for sale alerts that come when Black Friday deals are hot and throughout the entire holiday season. Best Buy was able to see huge profits from Black Friday because of these efforts.

    Not just a Black Friday scheme

    Chances are, customers that signed up to get Black Friday notifications won’t unsubscribe to the service. They probably want to know what the good deals are all the time. This means that once you get them interested, you will have them hooked. Not only can you communicate sales and events to them, but they can also communicate with you. Asking about store hours, current specials, current promotions, and more is a lot easier when you have an automated text system that can respond to them and give them answers. It is not just something you do to get the word out for Black Friday. In fact, Black Friday may just be the way you get your customers hooked. There is no better time to get people to sign up for your texts than when they are all looking for a good deal. But then you have them, making it a lot easier to advertise to them in the future.

    Did it work for you?

    We highly encouraged businesses to get on top of text marketing before Black Friday and to use it throughout the weekend to sell more product. One business explained that they normally didn’t get any more website traffic on Black Friday than normal days but had to be prepared this year with a new texting campaign. After getting customers to sign up and offering a Black Friday sale, the business was able to sell in one night more than twice what they sell on an average day. Were you able to make use of it? And did it help you at all? We would love to hear what you have to say!

    Mobile technology news brought to you by businesstexter.com

    Source: mobilemarketingwatch.com/sms-marketing-made-a-big-impact-on-black-friday-37856/

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    Mobile marketing is quite effective but there has to be a detailed plan to execute it. The first step is to identify the right group of audience in order to get the best results. We have been using mobile marketing for our business by increasing engagement with customers through business sms services. We have also developed our own app and are promoting it on the app stores.

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