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    Follow this !

    Hey its gonna get super sticky and Highlands and the Lt is gonna get some good PR work.

    City may sue pension board

    Published: September 22, 2013

    AVON PARK - Avon Park City Manager Julian Deleon believes the time to wait is over in his recommendation to file a lawsuit in connection with his public records request of police pension plan officials.

    In a Sept. 18 letter to the City Council, Deleon said it has been more than seven weeks since a public records request was initiated from police pension board administrator Carol Knapp and board chairman Greg Warner.

    "The administrator and chairman have not complied and released all records as we have uncovered controversial communication, which came from the city of Bartow," he said.

    Based on the limited review of Bartow records, staff has uncovered emails that appear to outline that Knapp and Warner communicated with the law firm of Klausner and Levinson over adverse legal action against the Avon Park police pension board and the city, Deleon said.

    Deleon said staff is recommending the removal of Warner as the Council-appointed trustee to the police pension board.

    Also, staff recommends the authorization of litigation for violation of Florida Statute 119 in releasing public records by Knapp and Warner.

    "Under Florida's Public Records Law, we have the right to file a lawsuit to compel timely production of nonexempt public records, which would include any public records that Knapp or Bubba [Warner] may not have produced," Deleon said.

    Councilman Parke Sutherland said he agrees with Deleon that Knapp and Warner have had an adequate amount of time to produce the records that were requested.

    At the same time, Sutherland said he doesn't want it to appear as if the City Council is trying to undermine Warner's political effort since he is running for mayor.

    "But, Greg Warner sits as an appointee to the pension board that was appointed by our City Council," Sutherland said.

    The copies of emails that he has seen indicates that Warner has received copies of Knapp's emails that discuss pension plan closure and termination.

    A pension plan termination would require an immediate $20 million payout by the city, which would be "catastrophic," he said.

    "I see this as probably one of the most important issues, if not the most important issue, to come before this city since I have been sitting on this council," he said.

    Sutherland has been on the City Council since Jan. 1, 2011.

    The police pension records issue is on the agenda for Monday's city Council meeting.

    (863) 386-5826

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    Lightbulb Re: Follow this !

    AP council removes Warner from pension board

    Marc Valero | Highlands Today Published: September 25, 2013 AVON PARK - Following

    :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

    City Manager Julian Deleon's recommendation, the city council has removed Greg Warner from the police pension board and the city will take legal action regarding its records request of the board. City Manager Julian Deleon said it has been more than seven weeks and Police Pension Plan Administrator Carol Knapp has provided only one month's worth of records. "We have come across some controversial communication from the City of Bartow where I also did a records request," he said. It was evident that Knapp and Pension Plan Chairperson Greg Warner were exploring the possibility of closing or possibly terminating the police pension system. http://After a review of more than 7...inst the city. Deleon called for the city council to remove Warner from the pension board and authorize litigation due to inadequate response by Knapp and Warner to the public records request. "Also, I want to make you aware that Councilman [Garrett] Anderson had been getting blind copies to his G-mail accounts over city matters," he said. Deleon added that Councilman Parke Sutherland, the council liaison to the pension board, is being kept in the dark. The trustees are being kept in the dark and all these "adverse activities" against the city's taxpayers are happening in the background. Anderson said every communication he received was sent to other people and they were turned in (in the records request). "There were no laws broken," he said. "There was nothing wrong with what I did in an official capacity." Also, staff and council are planning on having a meeting on this issue with the attorneys and Warner so why is this being brought up now when they are not here to defend themselves? Anderson asked. Only one side of the story has been heard and a meeting will be coming up. Deleon said he has received a copy of an email from Warner that states he does not plan on attending any joint meeting of the council and the police pension board and he is the primary person who would have to answer questions on the issue. Concerning the city's records request, Sutherland said there has been no meaningful response from Knapp. City Attorney Gerald Buhr said a reasonable amount of time has passed. City Labor Attorney Brian Koji said if the police pension plan were to be terminated it would likely cost the city at least $10 million. Mayor Sharon Schuler said, "That would destroy the city." Sutherland made a motion to send a letter to the pension plan officials requesting a response to the public records request by Oct. 11 and advising that failure to comply would prompt a lawsuit from the city. Council approved the motion by a 4-1 vote with Anderson voting "no." Concerning Warner, Deleon said he is the only trustee on the police pension board who is "in the know relative to all these adverse activities against the city. The staff recommendation is for you to remove him from the board." Sutherland said there is evidence in the emails, known to only one pension board member, that are not in the best interest of the citizens of the city. Councilman Terry Heston said that was his biggest concern, also. Deputy Mayor Brenda Giles said it doesn't appear that Warner's conduct has been in the best interest of the city. Anderson said, "We desperately need to hear from him ... ." Giles said, "but, he won't come." Heston made a motion to remove Warner from the police pension board. Giles seconded the motion. The motion carried by a 3-1 vote with Anderson voting "no" and Schuler abstaining because Warner is opposing her in her bid for reelection as mayor. 863-386-5826

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    Re: Follow this !

    When I posted last there was only 50 hits on LEO. how many hits are there now? I just made you look again. Does this have your attention? The fat man is getting calls from Highlands nonstop about all the butt banging the Lt did up there. You ain't no Assistant Chief so I will strip those bars right off your chest. I wonder if Gutless has had a candid discussion with the Fish Camp manager and commissioner about all the booty you dincked up there? If not the fat man will need to go live at 5.

    :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

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    Arrow Re: Follow this !

    I did a little looking and poking and found some heated stuff quick. Me thinks Lt is a fighter, but his battles in Highlands will bring a bunch of heat on this agency if he loses his balls in Highlands Circuit Court. Me hopes that he wins and he says "told you so" because if not we will deal with more reasons for elected puppets to screw with the pd.

    :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop:

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    Re: Follow this !

    Nothing new coming from Highlands County. Word is that someone from Clew is running for sheriff and getting the old signs recycled and ready.

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    Post Re: Follow this !

    This is what happens with negligent retention.

    published: Friday, October 04, 2013

    Former deputy and his wife arrested on drug charges

    LAKE PLACID -- A former Highlands County Sheriff's Office deputy and his wife were arrested Thursday and charged with arson which is a first-degree felony, producing marijuana, owning a structure where drugs are manufactured, and possession of marijuana over 20 grams all of which are third-degree felonies.

    The warrant stems from a July 17 house fire that occurred at the Obregon's home, 3335 Northern Blvd. in Lake Placid. During the fire investigation by the State Fire Marshal's Office, an insurance investigator and HCSO detectives, items -- such as lighting and electrical products that are typically associated with an indoor marijuana grow operation -- were found.

    There appeared to be marijuana plants in the residence that had been shielded from the fire by topsoil. The root systems were submitted to the University of Florida for examination. Tests on these samples confirmed they were cannabis sativa, commonly referred to as marijuana.

    Hiram Obregon was hired by the Avon Park Police Department as a police officer on Oct. 3, 2011. With the Avon Park contract for services with the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, Obregon was hired as a deputy on Oct. 3, 2012. During his new hire probationary period, Obregon was found to be in violation of Sheriff's Office general orders regarding the operation of his Sheriff's Office vehicle, driving at excessive speeds on numerous occasions without regard to adverse road conditions. During an internal investigation following a complaint of erratic driving and review of the in-car camera system, the allegations were sustained and Obregon was terminated from the Highlands County Sheriff's Office on July 3, 2013.

    Hiram and Lissette Obregon were booked into the Highlands County Jail with no bond.

    ??? (by: D.J. Steward - 10/4/2013)

    It is a shame that drugs and money will do this to someone. The fact that he is a law enforcement officer is even worse.
    I don't think you can blame the Sheriff's office because I am sure he had to pass drug testing and background checks, so obviously he didn't have anything there before.
    Very sad.

    Up In SMOKE (as usual) (by: Sorry don't want to get pulled over by a bad cop. - 10/4/2013)

    This is unfortunate and becoming more and more apparent that some law officers are NO BETTER that the criminals around these parts. Things like this need to be kept from the public, we already don't feel safe with the current Regime. The fact that he was rooted out (no pun intended on the roots getting him caught) from the Sheriffs Office dose not help when he got through the hiring process and was sworn in. I't makes all the hard working, honest, dedicated and professional officers look bad as well.

    I just got an idea Honey (by: Stoned to tha bone - 10/4/2013)

    On July 3, a former deputy was terminated and less than two weeks later his house catches on fire? Home insurance including contents can pay double actual worth if your not stupid enough to leave a joint in the ash tray.

    what a tool (by: tax payer - 10/4/2013)

    Who allowed this guy to a be a cop in the first place? Good ole avon park pd surely trained this guy well.

    APPD (by: You know it - 10/4/2013)

    Another dirty cop hired by former Chief Rogue

    Perfect (by: Blindman~ - 10/4/2013)

    So Avon Park saves money by shifting most law enforcement duties to the County Sheriff and she weeds out a bad guy.

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    Re: Follow this !

    The former Deputy that was 10-15 has nothing to do with CPD. Why are certain people trying to stir $hit? According to my calculations from their news sites, the Lt. You guys are talking about also had nothing to do with the hiring of the former Deputy. Give it a rest.

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    Re: Follow this !

    The fat man is on it, and will keep the troops all informed. The fish camp manager is also tracing and tracking that booty. How do you like that fresh shit sandwich right out of whitten's ass?

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    Re: Follow this !

    Just detected this from the locals up there. The word is dat Mike is hanging signs for the waldress with wiskers. There could be vacancy soon if fat ass gets in and hires skinny ass to come run AP. with his own lawsuit in play then how would that work. This might be good for morale at clewiston as the fat man sayz that officers have no rights up there, and skinny ass is everything including the lawyer, jury, judge and excutioner. Not a well liked dude anywhere he goes.

    AP candidate Warner leads in contributionsMarc Valero | Highlands Today
    Published: October 20, 2013 AVON PARK - The four candidates running in the Nov. 5 city election have received a total of $7,143 in campaign contributions to date with mayoral challenger Greg "Bubba" Warner easily leading the pack with $3,348 in monetary donations.

    Mayor Sharon Schuler has received $1,465 in donations for her reelection bid.

    The donation totals are much closer in the city council race with challenger Jonathan Remick receiving $1,230 and incumbent Parke Sutherland receiving $1,100 in monetary donations to date according to each candidate's campaign treasurer's report summary provide by the Avon Park City Hall.

    Warner's contributors include: former police chief Mike Rowan ($44.30 in-kind for labels) and former mayor Tom Macklin ($50) and his wife Tammy.Five Avon Park firefighters have contributed to Warner: Warren West ($40) and his wife Cindy, Craig Marans ($100), Lonnie Shields ($125) and his wife Janet, Clinton Culverhouse ($100) and his wife Ashley and Andy Marcy ($100) and his wife Renee.

    Warner's largest contributors, with their occupations as listed on the campaign treasurer's report, include: Robert Malcolm ($320) of Sebring, manager; Erik and Brittany McGuire ($300), teacher; Entocon, Inc. ($200); Mr. & Mrs. Woods ($200), homemaker; Katherine & Eugene Gorman ($700), homemaker and Technology & Investments Inc. ($200), rental investor.

    Schuler's contributors include: Stanley Wells ($100 in-kind for four signs) auto dealer, Long's Air Conditioning ($200), Avon Park Administrative Assistant Brenda Sliva ($50), Avon Park Administrative Services Director Maria Sutherland ($50), Devtech Sales ($200) and Joe Wright ($100) former councilman/dairy owner.

    Schuler's largest contributors were the afore noted $200 donations.

    Remick's contributors include: Avon Park firefighter Warren West ($30), Macklin ($50) and Rowan ($44.70 in-kind for labels).

    Remick's largest contributors include: Entocon, Inc., ($500), agriculture consulting; Richard Emmerth ($345 in-kind for signs), Frostproof and USMC Lance Cpl. Ginger Paddock ($345 in-kind for signs).

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    Re: Follow this !

    So what if he donated and is helping a candidate. Nothing illegal or immoral about that. The guy has been through enough, let it rest.

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