I have read through numerous posts on this board and it is becoming a problem at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office section of the forum that it is/has become nothing more than a gossip/bad mouth/slam you fellow partners and family (LEO family) website. This website was not created nor was it intended to become a slam site.

This website was created for positive interaction, communication, and encouragement among the citizens and the members of the office. It was also created to relate important news and assist with working out problems before they become major issues. That has not been the case however. Most of the threads turn into rudeness, name calling, and outright personal attacks. This behavior is uncalled for, childish and should not be tolerated by any law enforcement member who have a shred of pride in themselves. You as Law Enforcement officers should call for an end to it.

These attacks and violations are only being caused by a few people. These people are known to Mod 1 and if it does not stop, could and will face banishment. Consider this a WARNING to all who violate the terms of service on this board. Abide by the terms of service or face your post being edited, deleted, and/or banishment. Here is a link if you should have questions http://www.leoaffairs.com/?page_id=347

Below is the section of the terms of service/use that has been consistently violated:

This is not a SLAM site and the Forums should be used constructively. Messages (anonymous or not) accusing anyone (including political candidates) of wrong doing (and/or criminal accusations) without substantial proof or reference are subject to deletion. Use your REAL name unless the need for an Anonymous Message is warranted. Messages not requiring Anonymous status, but being abused, are subject to deletion by System Moderators. Anonymous Messages are not granted the same right to exist that properly identified Messages are. Failure to comply can result in Message deletion and/or access blockage.

Here's an opportunity to voice your opinion, ask questions, become more informed, make a stand or engage in a healthy debate.

You agree that you will not submit Messages to Forums that:
• are unlawful, threatening, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, or indecent, including any communication that constitutes (or encourages conduct that would constitute) a criminal offense, gives rise to civil liability, or otherwise violates any local, state, national, or international law;
• Violate the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights of any other person. By submitting Messages to Forums, you represent to LEOAFFAIRS.COM, LLC that you are the rightful owner of such material or that you have first obtained permission to submit the material from the rightful owner;
• Improperly assume or claim the identity, characteristics, or qualifications of another person;
• Are for purposes of spamming;
• Contain any virus or other harmful component;
• Are libelous, or an invasion of privacy or publicity rights or any other third party rights; or
• Are for commercial purposes or contain advertising or are intended to solicit a person to buy or sell services or to make donations.

As long as the terms are followed this will be a great place to converse. I would like to thank you for taking your time in reading this sticky. If you should have any questions please feel free to check with the MESSAGE BOARD ABUSE AND VIOLATIONS Page and the Terms of Use at the top of this web page. http://www.leoaffairs.com/?page_id=121