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    past criminal activity

    Im hoping someone out there can help....i spoke to an investigator a while ago but unfortunately her info was lost when we moved out of state.....how would the Navy handle a situation where u know a retired Navy member that was committing a crime while in the service....he is now retired and receives payment and benefits to which we feel he in not entitled due to his activity.....to be blunt his daughter has accused him of raping and molesting her from age 8-14...a period of this time he was in the Navy...unfortunately when this came out he was a deputy sheriff and the organization refused to investigate it and let him resign..which he did and immediately fled the state.....we know where he is now and his daughter would like to see something come out of this as she is still scared he will show up.....there is however a restraining order against him..ironic we know that the courts would issue a restraining order against him but not pursue charges..basically the sheriff of the county didnt want the bad press......the investigator i had spoken to was interested to know more but as I said we left the state out of fear that he would seek to hurt her for telling the truth of the events...if there is any way we could seek justice through this route for at least the period of time that he was enilsted it would be a great start...she is more then willing to tell whoever she may need to speak to the events of the past....please feel free to email me at whitmandt@yahoo.com if anyone out there has info that can help.....and GOD BLESS you for your service to our country.

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    Re: past criminal activity

    It depends on where the crime occurred. If it occurred on a military base the NCIS would investigate it, assuming the statue of limitations has not passed.
    If it occurred off base its the Sheriff's Office or state police.

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    Re: past criminal activity

    This is correct. Also, if you feel the agency did not do its job in investigating this crime, then go to the state police. If this does not work, then go to the State atty's Office or even city/county councill meetings. Raise as much hells as you can until someone listens up.

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    just report and give evidence to local police

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