The hat and pants blousing

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The hat and pants blousing

Postby In the name of Tax Payers » 04/29/10 13:31:29

I think it is embarrassing how PCSO has handled the uniform situation. The process has been dragged out way too long and now that we have the uniforms, we are not using them. PCSO has spent a lot of tax money and even a year later, we have nothing to show for.
On the other hand PCSO had the shirts altered to fit tight which defeats the purpose of those tactical shirts. They were designed to be a tactical and more comfortable (room to move/ease of motion) uniform and PCSO went out and hired a tailor, paid him more tax money to destroy the tactical fit and features of the new uniform.
Now that the uniforms are issued and we are not using them, PCSO came up with a better idea to blouse our pants in our boots. I would really like to know who came up with that idea and what the reasons behind it are.
The new uniform pants are not designed to be bloused in and do not have the string at the bottom. The new uniform pants are not even tailored/cut to be bloused in, they are straight legged pants designed to be worn out of the boots. And again, please who came up with that idea and why, what is the need to blouse pants in our work environment?
I know the military tucks their pants inside their boots and maybe that is what the bosses are copying. But they fail to realize the military does that because their area of operations usually consist of places where bugs and other little things might crawl in your pants. Although it is a very common practice for the military to not blouse their pants. Depending on the weather the military will order troops to un-blouse their pants because we all know blousing the pants restricts the flow of air which keeps the temperature inside the pants higher. In my opinion it is unnecessary for us to blouse our pants because it serves us no purpose and looks unprofessional.
When I arrive at a call and exit my vehicle in my new green uniform with bloused in pants and a big round hat, I think that is going to look pretty stupid. The best way I can compare our uniform situation to anything else is the guy who wears sunglasses inside the club or to places where it is dark. I am sure you all will agree that guy looks very awkward and out of place. I think it is the same theory with our new uniform make over, it is an over kill with the hat and the bloused in pants.
When a citizen calls dispatch and we respond looking like this, I think it is going to look awkward and not pleasing to our image. Our new appearance screams over kill and diminishes our image as a professional to a “wannabe“ GI JOE. So please bosses, stop copying what the military does and please develop an appearance which supplements our image and is comfortable for the men who wear it. I am pleased with the new uniforms and commend you for buying them, but please get rid of the hat and the blousing part.
In the name of Tax Payers

Re: The hat and pants blousing

Postby Guest » 04/30/10 12:56:16

You guys will look like a pack of clowns in new uniforms Im sorry LAMAO!!!!!!!

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