police abuse = abused police

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police abuse = abused police

Postby Abused Officer » 03/09/08 19:29:21

http://www.policeabuse.com/content/view/46/ IMPORTANT*** Policeabuse.org is in Florida taping now looking for LEOs on duty and off duty DUI. According to this garbage website, we are not allowed the same rights and freedoms that average citizens are allowed. We can't beat people, we can't be rude to people, and we can't drive any way we want. Now we can't blow off steam OFF DUTY any more either. When are these people going to stop digging for any stupid thing to hurt police with? What they are doing should be a crime and I am sure if they were investigated the same way they are investigating cops, something real bad would be found. As for me, I think I am going to look for another career, let the streets take over, the good part of this career is gone.
Abused Officer

Abused 2

Postby Guest » 03/10/08 10:06:42

Anarchists sounds right. They keep looking for something even when its not there. Hey policeabuse.org, I farted in an elevator once and I was in uniform kill me!

Postby Guest » 03/10/08 20:35:43

I sharted in the courthouse elevator while two defense attorneys were in there with me....hahah

you'll never find me police abuse fags!

Thank you policeabuse.org

Postby rocks im me pockets » 06/29/08 14:21:18

Deer policeabuse.org,

I sell rocks and trees in cranbrook evryday. I sell dat shiat rite unda da po-po's faces. Bfore you started exposing the popos they be messin wit me evry day. always takin me to county. Now dey too scurred to get out of theer cars. Now i cant sell enouf. to express my apreashiation, jus come to cranbrook or OT anyday an score some free shiat. I sware you wont be robbed if u menshion my name. Thank you policeabuse.org.

Sinserly, rock monster
rocks im me pockets

Check this out

Postby Guest » 07/06/08 20:58:31

Fraud Alert

There is a developing story coming out Florida State University's School of Criminology that needs your attention. A Tallahassee based non-profit organization founded by former FSU school of criminology employee Diop Kamau has been implicated in a myriad of unethical and potentially criminal acts. The Police Complaint Center whose staff and board of directors include school of Criminology professor Daniel Maeir-Katkin and language professor James Flieder, was founded at the school with the stated mission of assisting alleged victims of police misconduct. The Tulsa Police Department Cyber Crime's Unit and other police agencies have received complaints of fraud and theft against Kamau (see TPD case number: 2008-005084). Civil judgments, administrative, fraud and harassment complaints from Kamau's clients and business associates form an alarming pattern(see video of Kamau obstructing a fraud complaint against him).

Reports recently surfaced on Chicago's "Second City Cop" newsletter (See the initial report) that Mr. Kamau was "a known huckster under investigation in four different states for various schemes and has at least one restraining order against him for attempting to set up a former employee via a prostitution blackmail ploy.” Kamau has vehemently denied the existence of the restraining order calling it "a bogus restraining order cooked up on the computer" of yet another former employee. Because Kamau has taken many thousands of tax dollars from some of the largest police agencies in Florida including Broward County Sheriff's Office, Collier County Sheriff's Office, and the Palm Beach Police Department - the claims by the Chicago Police, which are easily verified, deserve attention.

Although Kamau denies that the Restraining Order is real, we verified with the Los Angeles County Superior Court East District that an "Injunction for Civil Harassment" was filed against Kamau by Paul Wesley Parker, III (see a copy of the Injunction Filed by Parker). Anyone wishing to verify the authenticity of the Injunction may contact the court clerk at (323) 780-2017. The case number is KS008673. According to the injunction, Kamau began a harassment campaign against Parker after Parker began cooperating with officials in Florida who were investigating fraud complaints from four of Kamau's former clients. Kamau's alleged harassment campaign against Parker included distributing slanderous fliers throughout Parker's neighborhood and to his wife's co-workers; implicating Parker in a series of crimes in Los Angeles, vandalizing his car, and ultimately sending a prostitute to visit Parker while Kamau hid and filmed the two (click here to see the video filmed by Kamau). After discovering that Kamau had boldly attempted to cover-up such a damning public court record we decided to go a bit deeper and discovered allegations of extortion, blackmail, fraud, sexual harassment, complaints of racism, failed slip and fall schemes, food stamp fraud and identity theft. What we found is outlined in this newsletter.

Is Diop Kamau actively obstructing a fraud investigation initiated by a former client? (see the video)
Did a Tallahassee attorney really call Diop Kamau a "negro" and "monkey" outside the Leon County Courthouse? (See the explosive Bar Complaint)
Did Kamau steal the negative reviews by officers in his training course? (see the stolen reviews)
Did Kamau blackmail Gadsden County Sheriff's Captain Robert Barkley and obstruct an FDLE Investigation? (hear the tapes)
Did allegations of sexual harassment, food stamp fraud, and fake grades lead to Florida A & M terminating Kamau's access to interns? (see the emails) (see the interns video)
Is the Executive Director of the Police Complaint Center a felon? (see his criminal history)
Did Kamau hire a felon and fugitive to help him bilk thousands from clients?
Read about an alleged "Slip and Fall" scam Kamau used in a failed attempt to extort Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits (see the letters)
Read about Ex-CBS Employee Linda Sachs' hit job on CBS reporter Scott Wienberger as carried out by Kamau (hear the tapes)
Why did police find Kamau passed out in a stolen car? (see the LA Times Article)

Postby Guest » 07/09/08 21:36:42

This is an e-mail sent out from policeabuse.org in response to the previous post. It is great to see that after ruining many officer's lives, this guy gets to offer an explaination for his actions. This e-mail sounds to me like a 21 suspect trying to explain why he is inside someone elses home with a backpack full of laptops. This guy is no more than a common crook. What goes around comes around.

Hacker Strikes PCC July 4th Holiday Weekend

Last year, we began offering a class Cops Cameras and Cyberspace to educate police officers about what they must do to protect themselves against being negatively portrayed in online content. We did not anticipate that our lesson plan would have to be applied to our organization this holiday weekend.

This holiday weekend, and in the 3 months preceding, our online database and personal computer systems were hacked. The hacker identified as Greg Slate, has destroyed many of our files, e-mails, and newsletter list. He also wiped out many of our financial and personal records. Several family photos and other documents were stolen to be used in an on-line attack starting last Thursday. Our business partners and technicians have traced the attacks to Slate following his trail via IP addresses near his home.

On Monday we reported the electronic break-in and theft of several PCC company files to the FBI and the Leon County Sheriff's office (report #08-155136). Today we will address several fraudulent claims made by the hacker against our organization and its members.

Don't believe everything you read

It is surprising how easily well educated people can be misled by information posted anonymously on the Internet. We ask that you give our organization the same consideration you would expect, if an on-line smear campaign was launched against you, using materials stolen from your hard drive. Mark Twain's saying deserves a mention here:

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."
Mark Twain, (attributed)
US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)

There are three important steps, one must take when addressing a public relations crises centered in web-based content posted anonymously. We are taking those steps now.

Respond quickly
Get the Facts out
Trust in the Judgment of Reasonable People To See the Truth
How did the hacker pull it off?

Slate used the following software and websites to change his voice, change his caller id, edit video content, remove content from documents and recreate phone conversations that never took place:




Movie Maker


Facts, Truth and Opinion

Slate sought employment with other civil rights groups but has been turned down because of our notice posted on-line. The smear emails are intended to force us to remove the content so that Slate can get into law school. We declined Slate's demands in this email exchange. At the time Slate was again impersonating his dad Geoffrey.

Response to the false allegations submitted by Greg Slate

Last week, the Police Complaint Center's main database was hacked into four times. Client files were stolen, other business files were deleted and our newsletter e-mail list was destroyed. The hacker took business documents, personal family photographs, and letters to clients and other valuable data. Using our own client newsletter list the hacker sent a viral smear campaign across the web over the Fourth of July weekend. The files have been located on a site registered to Geoffrey Johnson, a lawn mower mechanic in Baltimore Maryland

Though the e-mails are listed as Geoffrey Johnson our investigation points to a former member of our organization Gregory Alan Slate, a known computer hacker. We are certain of his involvement. The domain address where the smear started is registered to a property Slate owns. Geoffrey Johnson is Slate's stepfather. He may not know that Slate is using his email address to send out the smear emails. Slate is also sending FOIA requests and emails in the name, Theresa Johnson.Theresa is his mother. She and Geoffrey have multiple arrests in Charlotte N.C. and elsewhere.We are writing you because we believe that you may be the recipient of Slate's e-mails.

Slate sent a similar email attack out against 3 other people including his biological father in 2005. According to local Winfield WV news reports Slate sent over 3000 fliers to his biological fathers neighbors claiming that his dad was running a brothel out of a trailer in his front yard. Slate claimed his stepmother serviced hundred of men each day. His dad confirmed to reporters that Greg Slate was behind the smear. We have ordered the video tape. I spoke to Slate's father by phone. He confirmed the smear Greg Slate launched against his family in 2005. I wrote Slate's father in March asking him to intervene

Slate has been stalking the son of former FHP head Chris Knight to retaliate for Slate's conviction on resisting arrest charges by a state trooper James Sellers. Slate has also been purchasing the names of Florida police chiefs for months to use in similar email campaigns. We met with FHP last month to advise them on Slate's activities. We have contacted FDLE and the FBI this morning to file reports and to request a criminal investigation into the theft of our files.

It is surprising how many people have bought into Slate’s smear campaign simply because they saw it on the Internet. We are forced to defend our record. We hope that reasonable people will take the time to read the facts.

The Police Complaint Center has served nearly 300 clients each year for 25 years. Greg Slate has presented four complaints. We will address each case.

These are the allegations in brief:

The Police Complaint Center is under a fraud investigation based on documents provided in Slate's e-mail.

Slate is using an 8 year old dismissed administrative complaint to claim massive fraud by our organization. There are a few facts he left out. In 2003, the state of Florida Division of Licensing wrote a letter closing an investigation based on the complaint Slate is sending over the Internet. A close look at the documents that Slate supplied will demonstrate that this page is missing from the eight year old investigation Slate posted on-line. Why did the client complain? When our investigations on behalf of 2 clients went in favor of the police (Florida Highway Patrol and the Macon GA, police dept. respectively) the clients complained in a 2001 complaint. Both complaints were dismissed. We will provide the complete file upon request. You may also contact the division of licensing for a copy of the report and dismissal. In 25 years we have had 3 complaints made against our license with the State of Florida. All were determined by state investigators to be unfounded.

Chicago cops, in their newsletter, stand behind Slate's charges.

We called them and this is what they said

Client Mary Lou Hoerster was cheated

Ms. Hoester hired the Police Complaint Center to investigate an assassination plot she claimed was being carried out by her ex-husband and local Fredricksberg, Texas police officials. We spent hundreds of hours investigating and found no evidence to support her claims of a hit squad following her. She has since called the FBI, FSU, TPD and anyone who will listen claiming fraud. Listen to our interview with Hoester and you can judge for yourself if her claims were true. Three months before Ms. Hoerster filed a complaint with the BBB, she filed a complaint against the previous P.I. that she hired to investigate her claims... who also determined her allegations were unfounded. He is being sued by Ms. Hoester. Note that Slate is mentioned in our response to the BBB. Slate was Hoester's investigator. He was sent to Texas a dozen times to work on her case.

Mr. Kamau harassed and threatened a state witness. Kamau has an active restraining order.

Paul Parker (the purported witness) was never a witness for the Justice Department. He was a witness for an administrative hearing with a state PI licensing board. The restraining order included in Greg Slate's package dates back to 2003. The restraining order that he is circulating was thrown out three minutes after a judge reviewed the claims. The restraining order was written by Parker, another employee who had been fired. Slate was ordered to appear in court for the very order he is circulating.

The Police Complaint Center extorted money from a police captain accused of a crime.

The police captain was Robert Barclay. We wrote a lengthy report about the story last year. Barclay was innocent. Our office notified FDLE officials and we gave them copies of our tape drives, which include surveillance of Barclay over several months. You may contact the FDLE investigator Gina Bovino if confirmation of our version of events is required. Investigator Bovino was quite professional and impartial. We gave her as much support and information as we could. The victim was just not honest in my view and I reported that to her attorney as she sat 2 feet away at the same table in her Attorney's office.

If you look closely you will notice Greg Slate the same person now making the extortion charge , placing the cameras in Barclay’s room before his arrival. Greg was in charge of Barclay's investigation. He moved in with the victim for a few weeks when she claimed she was being stalked by Barclay. But enough talk, we have video. You decide if Barclay is guilty of sexual harassment. We set up cameras on four occasions to document the claims of the woman sitting with Slate in the photo above.

This is taken directly from our newsletter last year. We can't give you the entire report because Slate deleted it from our hard-drive this weekend. in the article we refer to the captain as Jones to protect his identity. Now that Slate has thrown his name in, we must correct the record using his name.

This video shows Captain Jones entering the hotel room. We have edited the video because of its length. Jones approaches the alleged victim to talk. He remains in the room for just a few moments.

The Police Complaint Center hires criminals

Slate claims that we hired a criminal to run our organization. Slate refers to a criminal record pointing to our Live Show producer Josh. A. under this DOB Oct. 27, 1980. The person Slate is referring to does not work for our organization. The staff member that Slate is slandering is the son of a police sergeant. In fact, he is the only member of his family that did not become a cop. Slate took the name of someone with similar age etc. in Florida's on-line database and gave our Josh his record.

Diop Kamau was forced out of Florida A&M University for misconduct.

Like most institutions of higher learning, Florida A&M has comprehensive records of disciplinary actions directed against employees and evaluations by peers and students. I will make my personnel file available with all my teaching records to anyone who might ask. The record will show that I was one of the more popular teachers on campus and that I have been highly recruited to teach for several years, but instead I choose to continue my investigations.

This is an email from a former student sent May 16, 2008. I have removed her name to protect her privacy. Though I have not been an instructor for 3 years now, I continue to receive emails like this from my former students:

From: XXXXXX[mailto:gXXXma23@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 3:50 PM
Subject: Graduate School Recommendation

Hi Professor Kamua

This is XXXXXXXXX. I previously had a couple of classes with you as my instructor for my undergrad career. I understand that you are a very busy person, so i decided to email you. I am trying to attend grad school at FAMU for the upcoming Fall semester. My attended major is Elem Education. I am emailing because i wanted to know if you wouldnt mind writing me a letter of reccommendation. You were one of my best professors at FAMU. I really came to respect all of the information that was given by you. And feel that you would be a great represenitive for a recommendation If you can please email me back as soon as you can.

I currently have 3 Florida A&M graduates working for me now. Each attended classes with me at FAMU. In total I have employed 15 FAMU Students in the past 5 years. I have donated anonymously several thousand dollars to FAMU students. I have purchased cars for 2 who were unable to get transportation to school.

Diop Kamau was found passed out in a stolen vehicle.

For this claim, Slate has pulled an article from a 1990 LA Times piece. The charge itself implies a crime occurred. Here is the true story. A female acquaintance working as a model in Los Angeles requested a ride to LAX (airport). She suggested taking her car. I had the flu and became sick on the way due to dehydration. When we arrived at the airport I hailed a police officer to requests medical assistance. I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to Daniel Freeman hospital. I was treated at their Marina Del Rey emergency room for dehydration and released after my fluids stabilized.

When I recovered I was told that the car had been reported stolen as part of a domestic dispute. It turned out the young lady was a former girlfriend of former professional football player Jim Brown. After they broke up, Jim reported the car she was driving stolen. Jim Brown happens to be a personal friend of mine. The matter was resolved in 15 minutes with local police. There was never an arrest. Jim and I had quite a laugh about the matter at an event we attended together, later that week.

Board Member extorted an intern.

Greg Slate was never an intern. He was a volunteer investigator. Slate sent a pornographic image to a Police Complaint Center board member. He was confronted by the member before our board meeting. Slate claimed that a sheriff’s deputy exposed himself and sent Slate the image. We knew he was lying. This is an email I sent our webmaster in Nov. (ignore typos)

Tek this I a phoney investigation Greg made up to manipulate the PCC and me personally. We have been on to him for a while. Please closely monitor any references to the pcc in our chat rooms and elsewhere especially when investigations are being referenced

This is the email Slate sent with a false claim about a deputy. We have deleted the name of the accused agency.

Did they think their nose was clean?It isn’t.

We posted an Internet ad in S. Florida Tuesday and the nasty cops came out.One emailed a picture of his penis. And we are still talking to more.I just verified that he is a cop with XXX. He wants to take Emily to a house party that will be full of cops.We are going down there to settle up with these guys.

eapatov@umd.edu wrote ..

> OMG, you aren't going to believe this: the FL cop sent me a picture...of...his

> dick!

> He says he is a deputy with "XXX" and he wants to take me to a house partay.

> He says

> that he'll pick me up and drive me there in his police cruiser...Are we

> going to

> FL?

This is the email we sent to the Sheriff seeking to confirm that pornographic materials sent to Slate:

XXXX we are trying to identify a deputy in a photo obtained by Greg Slate last year. Can you check with your webmaster to determine if any XXX deputy used their official email address to send emails to either of these email addresses gslate@umd.edu , gslate@policeabuse.com , eapatov@umd.edu . The image was allegedly emailed from a XXX account between Nov. 5, 2007 and Nov. 17 2007. I will discuss the content of the photo by phone at your convenience.


We had been in communication with the Sheriff's office for months about the issue. Last year, a search of the Sheriff's e-mail accounts proved that Slate was never sent such an e-mail. We thank the Sheriff's office for their cooperation. Slate was confronted in this phone call. You may be offended. by the language. If so, you should skip this link. The board member was forced to repeat the language Slate used in his email during questioning.

Diop Kamau filed a bar complaint full of wild accusations against attorney Chuck McMurry and Popeye's Chicken

Chuck is my attorney. He was stalked by Slate in 2005 and he requested police protection after Slate hacked into his home computer. Slate obtained enough information to turn his utilities off. Slate had McMurry’s telephone rerouted to a Black porn site. Here is McMurry’s letter to Slate on my behalf. Slate wrote the bar complaint and sent it to the Florida Bar without notifying our board. We ordered the complaint dropped as soon as we became aware it had been submitted.

The Popeye's allegation is really too silly to address. A Popeye's employee damaged my car. Their corporate office apologized and the matter was closed. Slate has added his own cooked docs. to exaggerate a non issue.

The Facts behind the Tulsa Police Department Fraud Investigation:

In Feb. 2008, Bruce Dean Begley, of Tulsa Oklahoma, contacted the Police Complaint Center to report an allegation of Police Brutality and Misconduct. Bruce claimed that, during a traffic stop in early 2003, he was physically assaulted by Officer T.P. Collins of the Tulsa Police Department. Bruce then retained the investigative services of the Police Complaint Center and requested that we conduct a full investigation into his claim. The written agreement, stated that the investigation would be completed in no less than six months, but not longer than one year.
Between the months of Feb. and May of 2008, PCC staff members reviewed a number of documents, conducted interviews and spent countless hours on the phone with Bruce and the Tulsa Police Department, discussing his case.
At the beginning of June, Bruce suddenly changed his mind about the investigation and demanded that we stop working on his case. He then contacted an attorney and filed a report with the Tulsa Police Department, claiming that we had committed fraud.
Why did Bruce suddenly change his mind about the case?

On May 27th 2008, an Internal Affairs Investigator with the Tulsa Police Department, conducted an interview with Bruce. During that conversation, Bruce made a number of statements that led us to the assumption that he did not actually remember the events that took place, during the night he's claiming he was assaulted. Listen Here
Once Bruce finally came to the realization that his plan to falsely accuse a police officer, wasn't going the way he planned; he then backed out of the contract, that he signed willingly
Bruce then had a Tulsa attorney send us a letter, basically stating that the PCC provided Bruce with "few, if any, meaningful services". This gave our staff the assumption that Bruce mislead this attorney and provided him with false allegations against us; just like he provided us with false allegations against the Tulsa Police Dept.
The truth is; Bruce was simply dissatisfied with fact that the PCC wouldn't go along with his scheme to set up Officer Collins... and not because we "provided no meaningful services". As a matter of fact; Bruce claimed that between the time the incident occurred in 2003 and when he contacted us in Feb of 2008, that he attempted to file a complaint with the Tulsa Police Dept. on his own, but got nowhere. Coincidentally enough, the PCC's "non-meaningful services", got Bruce's complaint through the doors of the Tulsa Police Department and assigned to an Internal Affairs Investigator, within the first 3 months of working on his case. This is something that Bruce admitted that he was unable to do on his own... yet we were able to get it done.
Was Bruce really dissatisfied with our services? You be the Judge!! Listen as Bruce admits to a Tulsa PD investigator that he's satisfied with the work we've done on his case. This conversation took place only one week before Bruce contacted an attorney. Bruce tells TPD how happy he is with our work

One week before he complained, Begley said this to a Tulsa IA investigator. "Did you see these guys on 2020? They have done very well in assisting me."

In fact, Bruce was so satisfied with our work that he even went as far as to bring up past investigations that PCC worked on; hoping it would intimidate the Internal Affairs investigator. Listen as Bruce tells him "When the Tulsa Police Dept. ends up on Dateline NBC or 20/20, ya'll are gonna take me a little more seriously". Bruce threatens TPD. Why would someone give praise to our work, if they weren't satisfied with it?
What really happened to Bruce Begley that night? Was he assaulted by a Tulsa Police Officer?

What happened to Bruce that night he says TPD assaulted him?

The truth is; during the night in question, Bruce was driving under the influence when he ran through a police road block and then nearly ran over a Tulsa Police Officer. Read the police report here
Listen as the Internal Affairs Investigator tells Bruce what really happened that night. You'll notice, at the end, Bruce is left dumbfounded and with a loss for words. What really happened to Bruce.
Of course, Bruce would claim that the Investigator's statement was untrue and that he was not intoxicated; but maybe his criminal history can shed some light on that.
1992: Charge- Public Drunkenness. Disp: Guilty

1994: Charge- Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. Disp: Guilty

1995: Charge- Actual Physical Control (while intoxicated)Disp: Guilty (see court docket entry for 2/12/1996)

1998: Charge- Driving while Impaired by Alcohol. Disp: Guilty

2003 (the night in question): Charges- Driving Under the Influence; Running Police Roadblock; Placing Body Waste Or Fluid Upon Government Employee

Disp: Guilty

As it stands right now, Bruce Begley is currently working both ends of the system of the Tulsa Police Department. Ironically enough, Bruce is seeking assistance in a complaint against our group from the same "corrupt" police dept. he asked us to investigate. Slate has been in contact with Begley advising him on his complaint according to Begley's Attorney.

I will be addressing Florida Law Enforcement executives, FAMU, and FSU faculty members in a live webcast at 1:30 PM Wednesday at http://policeabuse.com To view the webcast have your browser on our site with audio connected. I will have something more to say about this matter. In case there is any doubt about the charges in this letter this phone call should remove them.

Diop Kamau, Chief Executive Officer
The Police Complaint Center

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Guest 10-4 » 08/12/08 10:29:01

If you observe a LEO violating the law and you take no action then you are just as guilty as the officer violating the law.

I also know that 80 percent of the LEO’s are honest and hardworking individuals.

Integrity is what makes a LEO.

If you have no integrity then you are putting your self in the 20 percent of LEO's who are not worth the sweat off of a pig's nuts.

If you are doing your job properly, you would not have to worry that a unseen camera is pointing at you.
Guest 10-4

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Guest » 08/12/08 16:03:08

Guest 10-4 wrote:If you observe a LEO violating the law and you take no action then you are just as guilty as the officer violating the law.

I also know that 80 percent of the LEO’s are honest and hardworking individuals.

Integrity is what makes a LEO.

If you have no integrity then you are putting your self in the 20 percent of LEO's who are not worth the sweat off of a pig

If you are doing your job properly, you would not have to worry that a unseen camera is pointing at you.
Not entirely true. This organization which is as corrupt as any corrupt official, goes above and beyond to get officers in trouble. They have reportedly provoked LEOs into unnecessary confrontations and filmed it. Then they edit out all of thier wrong doing so it looks like the officer was unprovoked. I do not agree with the 80 percent, it is more like 90 percent. You are right that no one should be above the law. If an officer commits a crime, they know better and should be held accountable. This organization misleads the public when they do what they do. This organization slanders the names of many officers just to drum up business. It is like a form of organized crime.

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby James Flieder » 06/04/09 12:27:56

My name is James Flieder. I worked for the Police Complaint Center (PCC) under Diop Kamau's guidance for approximately three months, from March to May 2008. I no longer work for the PCC and I do not want to be associated with the PCC as a current employee. Any statements regarding my currently working for the PCC are false.
James Flieder

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Snow8bear » 07/01/09 18:54:27

There is a list of people who have been revictimized by Police Complaint Center (PCC).
They paid for services that were never rendered and were then "deterred" from publishing complaints by the PCC using various means.
Yes, he is victimizing his customers at the PCC and I am one of those victims.
If you are also a victim come join us, email me at Snow8bear@earthlink.net

Please be aware that we will not be trusting right away.

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby mhoerst » 07/04/09 02:15:37

I am the Ms. Hoerster mentioned above. I was conned by Diop Kamau, Greg Slate, and others out of a substantial sum of money between 8/2006 and 7/2007. I trusted Kamau and the PCC because of the Emmy award-winning investigations they advertised on their website and also because I'd found their website in the first place through a link from another law enforcement website I trusted. I will be glad to furnish copies of my emails from Kamau in which he clearly stated that I was in great danger and needed to purchase various expensive goods and services (that I never saw) in order to assure the safety of myself and my children. Greg Slate only came to my house one time on behalf of Kamau, not "a dozen times" as stated above, and I only realized I was being conned after I accidentally discovered a local (Fredericksburg, TX) phone book listing for Slate and realized he might really be from here. As to Kamau's statement above that "Greg Slate was never an intern. He was a volunteer investigator." I can provide copies of my emails from Diop Kamau that clearly state Greg Slate was the "Assistant Director of the Police Complaint Center", and these emails have dates between the range I listed previously. [Compare this to the dates mentioned above in other statements of Kamau's regarding Slate.] I have a statement from an official with the FL p.i. licensing board stating that in Dec. 2007, Greg Slate was charged with acting as an unlicensed FL p.i. and that at the same time, Kamau was charged with operating an unlicensed investigative company in FL (the Police Complaint Center).
Do you really think Diop Kamau would have all these issues to address if he were legit.? (Check out his page with the D.C. area Better Business Bureau!) An official with the FL p.i. licensing bureau told me there have been numerous complaints filed against Kamau with them, including 2 other "serious" ones in 2002. There are victims across the U.S.

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Diop Kamau » 07/31/09 10:22:00

I want to address a number of false statements and rumors posted on this discussion thread. Policeabuse.com is not an anti-cop website. Though you may not like our tactics we are fair and we try our best to get it right when we do an investigation. We have had 3 clients and a former volunteer posting smears on the internet for personal reasons. In the case of our volunteer Greg Slate, he was fired for lying on a cop. You can visit gregslate.tv for the audio. As for Mary Lou Hoerster, well that is another matter. We received a complaint from Ms Hoerster in 2006 that the Fredericksberg TX police were trying to kill her. We investigated her claims for a year taking over a dozen trips to texas and found nothing. We have been in communication with the police chief and he supports our version of events. If LEOAFFAIRS believes Ms. Hoerster and is willing to support her claims against the police chief on its discussion board there is nothing wrong with that. We just think that your source is not credible. You may listen to Ms. Hoerster's complaint to us and judge for yourself. http://www.diopkamau.name/cases/Kamau/cybercrime.html

Diop Kamau

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Cheryl Snow » 08/01/09 23:30:42

Don't listen to Diop. It seems pretty apparent that he has no problem working both sides.
As one of his victims I can tell you that he lies and has no problem posting lies about others on his webpage or elsewhere.
He began his smear campaign against me when I started to file complaints against him and his business in Florida. He hasn't been able to find anything bad about me so he has resorted to posting lies on his website about me.
Maybe you can verify this for me, but if had actually filed a false complaint against an officer, wouldn't I be arrested or charged? But make no mistake, I did file a complaint.

Diop has lied about a number of things about me, my actions and my statements. I also hear that he has done this to others.
Based on his activities which I am told is cyberstalking, I am concerned that he may take it to the next level or fur

I would appreciate any guidance you would care to give me.
Cheryl Snow

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Diop Kamau » 08/02/09 14:27:24

Ms. Snow:

You have reported your fraud complaint to over 16 investigative gov. Orgs. To date, none has advanced your case based on the information you have provided. We have never been punished for using a bogus investigator as you have repeatedly written. Yes, we did receive a letter from the state of Florida asking that we bring our company name up to date on state business records. That matter was resolved 12 months ago and it was not a sanction, just a request with no bearing on your repeated fraud claims. Nevertheless you have been reporting on this board and others that we have been sanctioned and further investigations are underway. This is a claim that you know to be false.

Last month you mistakenly called our attorney with a message intended for the DC AG office. In your message you bragged about how you were intentionally slamming our business online. Our General Counsel who is a former deputy AG, saved a copy of your v-mail. We will introduce that recording of you on our site and in court at a later date.

As for lying on you. The only things we have published pertaining to your case on our site are as follows:

Your original complaint to us
Our case closure form describing what was done for you
The rejection letter to your complaint by the DOJ after we submitted a report on your behalf
The Port Saint Lucie Police internal affairs doc explaining why your complaint against officer Eric Lesseveur was false.

Now if that is slander you should take the matter up in civil court not on disscussion boards where the facts can't be tested. My questions to you and Ms. Hoerster are the following.

Did Officer Lesseveur abuse you?

Is the Fredericksberg police chief responsible for an attempted "hit" on Mary Lou Hoerster. Did he conspire with Ms. Hoester's husband to have a hit squad sent to texas to take her out. We did not want to dismiss her claims as she said others had done. We investigated for a year and found her claims to be both bizarre and bogus.

On the complaint form you filled out on-line, we inform all clients that submitting false complaints voids any refund for services rendered. There is no doubt that your complaint was false. Are you still interested in meeting with officer Lesseveur? I thought he was rather courageous to agree to meet with you given your conduct and lies your directed against his professional reputation.

We have become your new punching bag since the PSLPD closed your case. You may continue to attack us on line. We are up to the challenge. It wont change the facts. We cannot move forward on bogus information about the police. Your claim that Port Saint Lucie officers are out of control is nonsense. We put the entire patrol division under surveillance for 3 months and found nothing. I personally spoke with the chief and he was completely above board on all counts.

Give it a rest.
Diop Kamau

Re: police abuse = abused police

Postby Guest » 08/02/09 20:39:52

Don Jackson or Diop, which plays better to the cameras and media? Go away Diop, nobody is interested in your propaganda.


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