POLL who likes flag day?

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Postby golden rule » 05/25/07 00:41:12

Because only one vote counts and thats the chiefs.

put me down for a wish we could skip it vote.
golden rule

Postby Guest » 05/25/07 05:56:39

Thankyou to all of our veterens and I too dislike the Flag Day get together

Postby Guest » 05/25/07 16:59:54

It's a punishment

Postby Guest » 05/25/07 18:09:00

I'm ok with it but you should let just a few do it, making us all do it, is stupid, especially when no one likes it.

Postby Guest » 05/25/07 18:33:58


Postby Bigblue » 05/25/07 19:53:26

running totals

18 NO
1 yes
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Postby ew girl! » 05/26/07 08:35:48

19 no 1 yes

Hate it plus a bag of chips!
ew girl!

Postby Guest » 05/27/07 05:23:20

20!!!! i do not like it much at all mainly because they MAKE us do it.

Postby shoot me » 06/02/07 08:39:08

Is there any way to get out of Flag day, short of death? I'll do it just so I don't have to go. It sucks Azz.
shoot me

Postby what??? » 06/02/07 12:37:30

What did you guys have to do for Flag Day??

Postby prisoner » 06/02/07 14:30:53

class A uniforms, stand around for a few hours so 3 citizens who came to watch can watch us burn flags. great idea, poor application of an idea.

It's become a issue of resentment for most officers. like we are to be punished. No one can be off and no one can skip it. Officers have had reservations or vacations during that time and had to cancel them for this ridiculous ceremony. again a great idea but a very poor application of it.

Postby wow » 06/02/07 17:57:36

you are kidding me...For flag day??? Man, no days off....I remember years ago when I worked the area just west of Temple Terrace and they would pull every officer to work the July 4th parade, pretty much like our Gasparilla. But for flag day, I understand that its an important holiday, but I think that maybe there could be better holidays, or more popular, memorable holidays, like Memorial day. Is this something your Chief came up with? and is this the first year they did it??

Postby hopin » 06/02/07 18:04:51

no this is the THIRD excruciating year of it. I hope to get paroled soon

Postby Guest » 06/02/07 18:04:59

Quit your whining! You guys don't do anything anyway. So you can't spend one day eating at the whistle junction BooHoo. Flag day seems to be the only day the department gets any work out of you people!

Postby right » 06/02/07 18:06:35

I have worked with a lot of those guys from TT many years ago when I bordered their agency. Most are professional, eager to help, and still like to work.


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