Your Florida Representatives Who Don't Care About You!

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Your Florida Representatives Who Don't Care About You!

Postby So Fla Trooper » 05/18/10 13:23:44

Here is a list of the members of the Florida House of Representatives and how they voted on House Bill 5607, which cuts the percentage of your DROP from 6.5% to 3%. Remember their names and who they are when you vote next year or if you stop them, because the ones who voted Yea for this bill certainly showed they have forgotten about you and your families. A little "shout out" and "thank you for nothing" to Rep. Marti Coley, representing Calhoun, Liberty and parts of Bay, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon, Okaloosa, Wakulla, Walton counties; a particularly shameful display of voting Yea. You see her deceased husband, Representative David Coley who's seat she took after he died, was and remained an Auxillary Trooper and was proud of it, and her recently deceased former brother-in-law Scott Coley, a TSA Sky Marshall who was a former trooper/k-9 handler for many years with our department and served with distinction, told me while in the hospital he was going to ask her to vote no because of the many friends he still had with the FHP. Look at the list, see who is in your district, see how they voted, then when you make contact with them during your shift or when you vote do what you think is right, because they will tell you that's what THEY did. :wink:
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