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Postby Okaloosa bound » 01/26/10 01:21:49

Are you currently hiring? I am currently a Deputy at a near bye Sheriff's Office, but I am extremely interested in working for the OCSO. I applied there approximately 1 1/2 month's ago but have not heard anything. Thanks and be safe out there.
Okaloosa bound

Re: Hiring

Postby ave joe » 01/27/10 02:35:31

hey go ahead we someone else to help with our new scam if larry gets elected!
ave joe

Re: Hiring

Postby Okaloosa Bound » 01/27/10 22:05:05

Thanks. That was very encouraging......
Okaloosa Bound

Re: Hiring

Postby guest5515 » 02/28/10 10:35:57

Actually, we recently began re-hiring. We just hired 4 deputies and rumor has it, we plan to hire between 10-20 deputies this year to fill vacancies because of resignations, terminations, retirements, etc.

If you are a Leo you should have no problem, as we are looking for that experience.

Contact Mary Rominger in HR to inquire about your application; sorry I dont have her extension, but call dispatch at 651-7400 and they will give it to you.

We are putting all that Charlie Morris crap behind us, and this is a good agency with good people, so good luck to you.

Re: Hiring

Postby Okaloosa Bound » 03/31/10 14:21:20

Thanks for the help. I'm glad to see someone on here being supportive and not "stiring the pot".
Okaloosa Bound

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