More Stupidity from the OCSO

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More Stupidity from the OCSO

Postby Battletroll » 10/10/06 22:24:14

There are some serious problems with this agency people! People are quitting after years of service, Murders go unsolved but is that the biggest concern? NO! The care of a stray cat has become the all important focus of this department. Thats right a cat.

Apparently some feline hater has decided that the feeding of a cat is a terrible thing and must cease immediatly. It does not matter that this animal has been around for years now and has come to expect a certian level of care.

I say get a grip people!
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It gets better

Postby Unbelievable » 10/25/07 20:39:49

Way to go on the Jelly Bean Burglar, but you missed the guy stuffing steaks down his pants. Ever hear of discretion? Try it some time. It'll save you all from looking like tards

Man arrested for eating jelly beans in store
Staff reports
Thursday October 25th, 2007
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A man was charged with petty theft after being caught on a surveillance camera taking jelly beans out of a bin and eating them before he got to the cash register.

The 34-year-old Fort Walton Beach man was buying groceries at Albertson’s when he stopped at a bin of candy and put an unspecified number of jelly beans in his mouth, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy, who was working an off-duty detail, confronted the suspect after he had paid for the rest of his groceries and asked him if the candy was good. “Yes,” the suspect replied, according to the report.

The deputy told a manager that the suspect had taken about 10 of the “raspberry-flavored” candies. The man denied taking more than two. He added that he’d been shopping at Albertson’s for 30 years and that he was just trying the candy to see if he wanted to buy it. The deputy “advised him that Albertson’s did not have free samples of candy and he should have known that if he had been shopping at Albertson’s for 30 years.”

The man didn't buy any of the candy.

The store manager on duty told the deputy that he wanted charges brought against the suspect, who was also issued a trespass warning.

The jelly beans were priced at $6.99 a pound. The deputy estimated that the 10 jellybeans would have had a value of about $2.

A store manager contacted Thursday confirmed that the store has a “zero tolerance” policy against shoplifting.

Postby MOD!?!?!?!? » 07/12/08 11:35:55

^^^^ That sure is a lot of PORN up there! ^^^^ :shock:

Postby dan1065cf » 07/12/08 14:54:01

Sweet lordy look at that porn
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