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Postby Altimari » 05/12/08 17:20:46

I am an officer at Tampa Police dept, my daughter and her husband recently got assigned to Eglin AFB and are looking for an apartment. My daughter was looking into a place called Hillcrest Villas in Crestview FL. An info on this place would be appreciated. I don't want her in a bad/dangerous area as I'm sure you guys can understand. Thanks in advance and be safe!!!!

Mark Altimari
Tampa PD

Postby Guest » 05/12/08 18:23:51

The apartment complex has a few years (20) on it. It appears to be well maintained. It is a little north of I-10 and east of Hwy 85, and very close to North Okaloosa Medical Center. Walmart, Lowes, Publix, etc are very close. The biggest "negative" would be the traffic. It stacks up as folks leave Eglin and Duke Field headed home. Crestview used to be a short jump from Eglin (time wise) but commute times are terrible now. Crestview is the largest city (passing Fort Walton Beach) in Okaloosa County and is generally a decent area with the exception of the traffic. Good Luck and Thank You to your family for their service.

Postby Altimari » 05/12/08 19:08:40

Thanks for the information I appreciate it, I just didn't want them in a high crime area or anything like that.

Postby Guest » 05/12/08 19:39:46

That area should be in the city limits. You could get some "call data" from:


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