Its not working Cameron

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Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest2120 » 01/21/11 20:50:26

Its not working Bill You surround yourself with people who are dragging your agency down I think and many of my counterparts agree you have lost touch what are you thinking with your promotions and transfers? You have to be out of touch

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Rodedawg » 01/21/11 22:13:21

didnt a email come out about this years theme would be QUALITY? Was the email a joke or what?

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Fedup2 » 01/21/11 22:49:45

Its about time we all let them know they are ruining the agency.


Postby 1SNMH » 01/22/11 17:02:27

I like coming here on the weeknds and search other agencys and see whats going on. Some agencys are dormant with no postins which lead me to beleive that most are content and not frustrated enough to post. Other agencys boards are loaded every day with the same problems as ccso. I think it is Libbey and Bonsell who are dragging us down and that the sheriff lets them have free rain to do what ever they want then he can blame them. The sheriff seems to be a nice guy trying to do the right thing. It s the sheriffs name that gets smeared when it is actually Libby and Bonsel Libby destoryed the punta gorda police department before he left. The sheriff will suffer in the next election at the expense of these two who probly are close to retirement. They figure we are not smart but many in the sheriffs office are smart and will muster together in the next election as everywhere I turn everyone is unhappy over the way they are treated.

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest » 01/22/11 20:47:22

I agree they are idiots. Cameron needs to listen to the ones that will talk.

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby SO156 » 01/27/11 18:10:32

Remember when it comes to support next year. ... ill610.pdf

Sheriff’s That Support Senate Bill 610

A bill that makes the Sheriff a Legislative Body, thereby
removing the ability of a Deputy Sheriff To Negotiate A
Contract on a even playing field.

Sheriff Bill Cameron
Charlotte County
Address 7474 Utilities Rd., Punta Gorda, 33982-2417
Phone (941) 639-2101
Web site

The Florida Legislature
PE RCS ruling/statement regarding the sheriff as a legislative body
for 447. 403

The public employees relations commission found that the Sheriff
is not the legislative body.

"if we were to conclude otherwise the sheriff's employees would
be left with no mechanism for resolving the impasse and their
constitutional right to collectively bargain would be rendered
meaningless. Article 1 section 6, Florida Constitution; S. S. 447.
201, 447. 301, and 447.403, Florida statute."

Senator Mike Fasano
Sponsored Senate Bill 610 that gives the Sheriff the powers of “Legislative
Body” over anything dealing with f.s. 447.403 Impasse
Senator Thad Altman
Phone: (321) 752-3138
Local Delegations: Brevard,Orange,Seminole
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator Mike Bennett
Phone: (941)727-6349
Fax: (941) 727-6352
Local Delegations: Charlotte,DeSoto,Lee,Manatee,Sarasota
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator Rudy Garcia
Phone: (305) 364-3191
Fax: (888) 284-8594
Local Delegations: Miami-Dade
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator Andy Gardiner
Phone: (407) 428-5800
Local Delegations: Orange,Osceola,Seminole
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator Gary Siplin
Phone: (407) 297-2071
Fax: (407) 522-2153
Local Delegations: Orange,Osceola
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator Rhonda Storms
Phone: (813) 651-2189
Fax: (813) 651-2188
Local Delegations: Hillsborough,Pasco,Polk
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator John Thrasher
Phone: (904) 727-3600
Fax: (904) 727-3603
Local Delegations: Duval,Flagler,Nassau,St. Johns,Volusia
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies
Senator Wise
Phone: (904) 381-6000
Fax: (904) 381-6040
Local Delegations: Clay,Duval,Nassau,St. Johns
Voted with Sheriff’s against the Deputies

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby SO157 » 01/27/11 18:18:25

Part 2. The Reid report has this to say ... t-to-prof/

Thrown onto the defensive over who has the better creds among law enforcement, Republican Rick Scott held a made-for-TV event in Sanford Monday showing that he, too, has the support of some of Florida’s law enforcement.

The event — in the home city of Scott’s primary opponent Bill McCollum – featured the endorsements of Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Cameron, Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight, Manatee SheriffBrad Steube, Duval Sheriff John Rutherford, Pinellas Sheriff Jim Coats, Lee Sheriff Mike Scott, Seminole Sheriff Don Eslinger, St. John’s Sheriff Dave Shoar, Volusia Sheriff Ben Johnson, Flagler Sheriff Don Fleming, and Pasco Sheriff Sheriff Bob White.

If this is true we thought we have problems now

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby 1AG81K » 01/27/11 18:24:58 ... ement.html

Camerson is in the picture with Rick Scott endorsing him Did you know that? time to work more details and start saving

Put more details out Kevin we need them

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest111111111 » 01/27/11 18:35:15 ... ement.html

for some reason it will not work search the above link and you will see the photos. Sit down when you view

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest1111111111111 » 01/27/11 18:42:35

Rick Scott talks to the media after being endorsed by 11 Florida sheriffs, during a press conference at Orlando Sanford International Airport, Monday. From left, Sheriff Bill Cameron, Charlotte county; Sheriff Tom Knight, Sarasota county; Sheriff John Rutherford, Duval county; Sheriff Don Eslinger, Seminole county; Sheriff Bob White, Pasco county; Sheriff David Shoar, St. Johns county; Sheriff Jim Coats, Pinellas county; Sheriff Don Fleming, Flagler county Orlando Sentenal 10/11/2010

I wonder if the sheriff took leave or wasted agency money in helicopter or airplane fuel and pilot hours. Do the tax payers know? Cameron did not speak for me

Find the link and see the p[ctures

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest » 01/30/11 23:12:02

Cameron your Command shows a great lack of respect for your workers. It is no wonder why moral is down at this department, because of all the terrible leaders you employee. Take stock in your department and understand what goes on. We will be following the abc method . anyone but cameron.

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest » 01/31/11 01:19:21

"ABC" still makes me laugh. Maybe ABC should be the new key word for this year instead of "quality" because we all know that's a stretch.

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest » 01/31/11 08:30:49

So true it is ABC.

Re: Its not working Cameron

Postby Guest » 02/02/11 13:51:39

While I was a supporter of Bill Cameron I too was shocked when he was elected and then started bringing in his Lee County "Pals". Bill had a LOT of support and friends within the office and he's lost a TON of both. He didn't owe these people jobs, it was US that got him elected, not his pals from Lee County.

John Davenport will probably go down in CCSO history has the ONLY sheriff' who didn't bring in "buddies" from the outside, he prompted from within. It a shame Bill Cameron didn't follow suite.

Sadly I must now agree with ABC. :oops:


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