How to go about it
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    How to go about it

    Can someone tell me how to go about being a SRO who do ya submit an app with? And what are the requirements? thank you

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    You must not be an officer. Most agencies post openings within divisions, and then ask for applications. Officers then can apply. Pretty simple.

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    Ok but im not a sworn officer yet .I have been through the academy and have passed the state test for law enforcement .So should I check within the county or local departments. Or is it the school board that does the hiring? Thank you

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    You have to apply with an agency. Got through the FTO program and work the street. Then if there is an opening at the agency you work for, for SRO, then you put in for it.

    The school board hires their own officers but they require that you have approximately 5 years experience as an LEO to apply.

    All SRO's are police officers or deputies. You can not just apply to be an SRO with no LEO street experience and all agencies are going to require that you put your time in on the street.

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    How to go about it

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