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    Welcome to your new Volusia Sheriff's Office website!!!

    Welcome to the Volusia Sheriff's Office LEOAffairs.com chat forums!!! :mrgreen:

    There are many new features for you!!! If you choose to anonymously register, then you will remain anonymous. If you choose not to register, then you can still post anonymously. :wink: Or you can do both -- and switch back and forth. :shock:

    There is going to be a mad rush to grab popular user names and it's on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to register with your own special user-name, then click here. For example, my user name is “Mod 2.”

    What are the benefits of registering? You can PM other registered users (PM = private mail). PMs are totally in-house and only you and the recipient can read them (even the moderators and administrators can’t read your PMs). If you want to PM another registered user, then just click on “private message” in a post that he has made.

    The benefits of registering include:
    - Choosing your own avatar (100x100 pixels)
    - You can create polls
    - You can send PMs.

    If you register, then each user-name will require its own email address. If you don’t want to post under your user-name, then just log out and make your post under any anonymous name that you want. Either way, you are anonymous, unless you register as your real name. :mrgreen:

    There is a glitch in the system and you may have to log-in twice, depending on where you are logging in from. For example, we have had a lot of complaints from people who are trying to log-in from AOL accounts. Sorry about that.

    If you have more questions, then please click here for the “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) list.

    May your department improve as a result of all of this. 8)

    • Unregistered moderators need to email Mod1@leoaffairs.com or Chip@leoaffairs.com for more information on how you can be granted access to the private moderators forum. The moderators room is invisible to the nekked eye (only authorized moderators can see it). :shock:
    • New mods are encouraged to read this thread after they are granted access to the private moderators forum. [/*:m:ul41o6cs]

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    Re: Welcome to your new Volusia Sheriff's Office website!!!

    Obviously, most are afraid to come on here anymore, wonder why ? Agencies with half the people we have, come on their agencies LEO site regularly, but not here , afraid I guess :roll: ? LEO affairs will not divulge any info to IA or Ben, so don't worry deputies,if something is wrong, or you don't like some one post it here,thats what this is all about, so don't be scared and silly , geeeez ! :roll:

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    I just read the other IA on Volusia Exposed (on Armstrong). Looks like Chitwood is finally learning a lesson about punishment. The lesson is progressive discipline. No need to hammer deputies like he has been doing in the past. About time Chitty.

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