Class A Uniforms
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    Class A Uniforms

    What was the reasoning for us going to class A unifoms 5 days a week?
    I think Friday dress down was a nice perk. And then theres the money spent on school shirts.

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    In Tampa we use to have the option of wearing the school pullover on Friday but, we were told the mayor said we should not be allowed to do that. I thought it let the students see us in a different light. You know, like real people.

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    Class A Uniforms

    The Palm Beach School District Police Dept wears the Class A for six month (winter) and a pull-over, with an embroidered badge and "POLICE" in 6" letters on the back, and khaki pants for six month (summer). Its been a win-win situation: They are cooler to wear during the hotter months, especially when directing traffic after hurricanes. The students like the soft look, and its makes us more approachable to students just starting school. I applaud the Chief for going to these uniforms.

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    I stand corrected: Palm Bch Schools PD wears Class B, not class A for six months.

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    I agree the polo shirts with BDU pants are definately more comfortable and more approachable. We are still deputys no matter what uniform we are wearing, so I don't see the point. Can any PCSO member answer this for me.

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    Who is your female SRO (I think in the Elementary section) with brown hair , maybe late 20's ?

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    We no longer have an elementary section, DARE. I am not sure who you are referring to.


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