School Shootings
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    School Shootings

    I'm troubled. Three school-based shootings in the past week. The nation will once again turn its attention on the unsecured schools. So, what is the answer?

    In what seems like an uncompassionate world, there is always compassion when its comes to school shootings. Some say to allow prayer back in the classroom. How can that be done when a percentage of students won't even stand for the pledge? Some say we need to have higher fences and entry/exit checkpoints. How can that be done without costing the school districts millions of dollars in training, personnel, equipment, etc.? But then again, what is the price for human life?

    The thing is, all of our LEO brothern are affected by this. We were students ourselves, have kids in school, or maybe our spouses work at a school. So, I ask again, what is the prevention answer?

    Fred NotWong

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    How do you prepare for a drifter or a milk man with a 20 year old grudge from coming into a school and shooting it up? We've fenced our campus, limit access the best we can, and hope for the best. How do you prepare for an automobile accident? You buy a safe car, follow the rules of the road, and hope everyone else does. We know we cannot control all the people in the world so, have up to date training and hope for the best. Or we can just home school all of our children.

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    Well now, let's see..What is the answer to keep our school's safe HMMM
    Wait, I know, how about we cut already under staffed SRO positions across the state, so the citizens can save a very small amount of money on their property tax..Sweeeeet..great idea political gurus...that way when the awful day comes when either terrorists or some demented kid goes nuts on one of the campuses, you can look back at all the money you saved the citizens while attending the funerals, and blaming LEO and school administrations for not having an SRO on campus based on your budget cut requests. Brilliant!!! I know, I know, whats the odds of it happening here in lil ol' Florida right? After all..that kind of stuff never happens here. I mean 911 and all was soooo long ago..and those terrorists that slayed those folks just because they were Americans, they hit NY not Florida..I mean its not like they learned to fly or lived in Flor..Oh my bad..Well you guys know what I mean..the threat of some Islamic nut bag attacking a school would never happen let's all just crawl back into our little holes and watch Disney movies and ignore the lessons that we have been taught in our own country and those abroad. Oh..and don't spend that $180.00 you save in property taxes in one place. You may need it for funeral or attorney fees when the Chit hits the fan..Sleep well!!


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