I can relate to this only through a third person. My mother had to get a restraining order on a gentleman by the name of Allen Deen Snyder because he was fallowing her into stores, breaking into her home while she was out, leaving messages on her phone and post office box, and graffiti all over the local area of how he loves her. She has a stocker that sold his home in a nice well to do area and moved into a trailer to be in the immediate area of Verdi which would be close to the post office and the school were she picks my sister up at. So now that his advances have been called to a "stop" it has made him more upset and now my mother who has 6 girls is being threatened by this man with intent to commit murder and bodily harm to her and her family. she has over 2 hours of recorded messages that he has left and yet he is still out and about even though that is a direct violation of the restraining order. He has also come to the house and tried to enter the house with my family inside and when the police were called it took them 45 minutes to get there and they said "we have to see him breaking the restraining order or you have to have proof. So then the next time he came over we got a picture that the neighbor took and well that was still not enough. So this Halloween he dumped over 5 lbs of large prawns over our boat and travel trailer along with a 20 lb chunk of raw bloody meat and about a 5 gallon bucket of cigarette butts all over, my mother did not report this because what good will it do? I am sorry that you make the citizens who try to do what is right and fallow the rules feel so safe and protected. where are you? who are you ? and what makes you feel that my mother is not worth the time, and my 3 younger sisters as well? So I ask what will it take? I am glad to see that my money is being put to good use, I am upset and disgusted at the way this is being handled and I am sure that if i am going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit I will see you there in a heart beat.