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    Here To Assist the Local Law Enforcement


    My name is Johnny Strigle and I'm the LEOAFFAIRS.COM Sales
    Representative for the Washington D.C. Metro Area. A lot of you met me at the LEOAFFAIRS.COM VIP booth during Police Week.

    If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know. I've also been asked by the founders to help locate Moderators for the D.C. Boards that still need them...so if you're interested, please contact me or sysop@leoaffairs.com.

    Lastly, I'm in charge of putting local advertisers on this website. Local advertisers allow us to keep this online community available to everyone for Free. If anyone has a business and is interested in advertising here, or perhaps you know someone who would be interested in supporting this site by advertising, please contact me. Special discounts are available.

    Be safe,

    Johnny Strigle, Sales Representative
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
    (202) 344-5544 Cell

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    are you gay?

    i thought so :lol:

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