Fraud by Contractor's Salesman
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    Fraud by Contractor's Salesman

    I was recently defrauded of $414 by a contractor's salesman. Is it worth my time to file a fraud complaint, or would it be a waste of everyone's time. I know some jurisdictions have a set limit before any investigation is initiated. The perpetrator was a resident of Sparks. I live in Washoe County. I have the original check negotiated by him, as well as our copy of the sales contract.

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    Contractor Fraud

    I would encourage you to make the effort to file a report. Even though the amount is not large, it does not mean that this is not a continuation of other incidents with this individiual. Prosecution is not a decision of our office, we will collect whatever evidence that you have and if there is sufficient facts to establish a case then it will be directed to the District Attorney's office for prosecution.


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