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Thread: TASERS

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    The following is what your elected leaders are/were proposing for those of us who put our lives on the line every day. Just some interesting reading material for you. Read over it. Notice how it is in the senate education committee. Post your thoughts and comments here.

    Click here for senate summary

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    Yay! I can give it back!

    If it passes, I'll give it back. The damn thing has been more of a hindrance and a paint to carry on my belt than a help. And I'm finding more and more cases of deputies I work with having less than stellar results and kicking the crap out of the BG the old fashioned way after using the Taser to make cool noises and flashy lights!

    I've used it twice because I figured, "Well, I've got it and haven't used it. This situation allows it, so I'll try it." I wasn't impressed. I've used by OC spray since getting the Taser and guess what? The guys screamed in pain, closed thier eyes and quit fighting. It worked!

    I don't need more stuff to carry. I need less and the things that can be smaller and lighter need to be.

    Off the subject of Tasers, but related to my rant:

    Why can a cell phone weigh almost nothing and run for days on a small battery, but our radios HAVE to be heavy and still too big?
    Ten6Niner for Sheriff in 2012!

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    I have used it twice and have taken the hit....as you know there probe spread has alot to do with it.....I love the taser...and have had stellar results.....

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    I’ve pulled mine out a bunch of times, but the bad guy always gave up before I pulled the trigger. Ohh well

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    It was sold as a magic non lethal bullet that never killed anyone. Then some lawsuits proved it did kill some people. Then they changed the training. Then they reduced its power. Then they changed where you can or should hit them with it. Now they damn near have to be stationary, facing away and you hit them in the ass and calf. It’s no longer useful and OC worked fine. I don’t use it.

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    Bring back OC for the jail and get rid of the TASER. The Beta Soy Boys will have to drop their balls and use physical force if the OC does not work. Time to earn you pay folks. At least the OC is less bulky and weighs less than that stupid TASER.

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