Ummm I hate cops guy
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    Ummm I hate cops guy

    I went back into some old threads. I read where law enforcement officers were attacking Randy Jones, a CIVILIAN. I looked up Jones on Facebook. Looks like he's former Air Force and a government contractor. Looks to me like someone was DUI and caused a wreck with Jones and his wife. Looks like Jim Spencer covered it up because that woman got drunk at Spencer's house. Jones went to Sheriff Bob to investigate because Spencer used his influence in Milton PD thwarting off a DUI investigation. After all, didn't Bob say he would investigate all complaints? Apparently he didn't. When Jones raised hell, it fell on Bob's deaf ears. Bob is a liar. A fat, ball headed liar.
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    I bet Mr. McJones does not really hate cops, but cannot blame him if he did. He was treated rather badly and with cruel disposition on this website. I would enjoy giving them the Schwartz in the McGroin area for their intemperate disposition of a mon who fought for his country. I believe they do not like his mullet but that is neither here, not hair~ Helmet
    "Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb."~ Lord Dark Helmet


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