You are an embarrassment to MPD
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    You are an embarrassment to MPD

    Tommy Reyes if I was you I would Resign after reading Tallahassee PD Report not only am I disgusted but sadly embarrassed how you represented MPD.

    No one here cares about being straight or gay nowadays that’s a personal choice.

    We do care about MPD being put out there in a negative way.

    It is no wonder MPD is the joke of the South.

    BTW you skated on this one you are super lucky you did not get 39.

    Hint Hint next time things goes South Just report your Wallet and credit cards Stollen/Missing.

    Hope you sleep well with the mess you have created.

    We are All waiting to see Morales handling of this Embarrassing situation.

    Let’s see if FDLE gets involved. (Conduct Unbecoming) grounds for termination.

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    What is in the dark will eventually come out to light.

    You should have just taken a loss. Cancel the credit card, report your ID missing (take the reprimand if any), but you wanted to prove a point.

    Well look where it got you. 🤦🏻*♂️


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