MPD Officer Paul Noel consoles Gimenez Jr.
February 11, 2022
Thanks to the Russian satellite, Spunik 2, we were able to obtain this imagery from outer space. The video will be released later.
The video of the ***** slap will be released soon. We will all see ADLP is the real coward abusing his authority as a Miami Commissioner in forcing a Miami Police Officer out of jurisdiction to put his hands on a civilian.
The new coverup begins with the misinformation campaign that the City Of Miami police officer had mutual aid with Coral Gables. Mutual aid can only be requested from one agency head which would be of the host jurisdiction. Unless Officer Stanley Paul Noel called his cousin Chief Cherise Gause for an emergency superpower request which she then FaceTimed Coral Gables Chief Hudak, his power is as much as a security guard at Walmart.
Florida law states
23.1225 Mutual aid agreements.—
(b) A requested operational assistance written agreement between two or more law enforcement agencies, which agreement is for the rendering of assistance in a law enforcement emergency. The agreement must specify the nature of the law enforcement assistance to be rendered, the agency or entity that shall bear any liability arising from acts undertaken under the agreement, the procedures for requesting and for authorizing assistance, the agency or entity that has command and supervisory responsibility, a time limit for the agreement, the amount of any compensation or reimbursement to the assisting agency or entity, and any other terms and conditions necessary to give it effect. An example of the use of a requested operational assistance written agreement is to meet a request for assistance due to a civil disturbance or other emergency as defined in s. 252.34.