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Most corrupt officer Miami has ever had!!! He should run some gay night club.

Well, he's up in the top 1%. Those that covered for him, looked the other way. Are more corrupt! You see John Q public doing some of, what Ortiz's has been accused of. You arrest them, correct? Nobody wants to be labeled a rat here, I get that. Then don't get all bent out of shape, when he comes back! He will, they had him ROD, what a year? Had the FBI and FDLE, looking into him. So, the won't miss a meal, chief, is said to have cut a deal, to get the nod to move to the head of the food line. Show's you, he doesn't really have a backbone of his own and will bend over for city hall. To keep that appointment to chief.

I can't ever recall, someone promoted from within. That was a good chief, those that were good for the rank-n-file. Didn't last. Art, in my opinion wasn't so bad, sure he was full of himself. BUT he went toe to toe with YES, the Cuban mafia at city hall and was shot in the back, by his own staff members.