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Imagine going off about 72c and that she was only promoted because of her “MELANIN.” Yet, 96D was never mentioned in your longggggggg Declaration of Independence lol…. Biased much?
Aww snap! You got me on 96D. I honestly didn’t even see that and I will gladly admit oversight on my part, but it doesn’t make me wrong about 72C. It actually just supports my initial post even more. I also believe that “eating at the y” whenever it’s convenient seems to make a lot of LTs around here, and I did touch on that in the original post. As I have never worked D2 or even met 96D she wasn’t on my radar but wow, what a sad state of affairs given the choices above her. I’ll be the first to admit that many of them are even better and more deserving than me because some are really good cops that I respect and trust with my life.

Again, an oversight on my end doesn’t make anything I said above not true aside from that fact that there are now many more qualified people who do or do not check any AA box that should be livid.

Thanks for your quality reply and remember “you be careful out there.”