It saddens me to see a PCSO off duty Deputy was arrested for DUI. I was also surprised by the quote in the media by the Sheriff who said he had lost trust and faith in this young man. Listen. I'm not making excuses for driving under the influence. The man made a mistake and luckily no one was injured. Consequently, one could deduce this man did not have an alcohol problem when he was hired, therefore, it may have started while he was a Deputy. There are programs in place for employees and employers to seek help for themselves or their members if an alcohol problem is suspected. In 2019, an FBI study declared people drove intoxicated on average 80 times before their first arrest.. I have no idea if anyone had any hint of this man having issues if he in fact did, but if so, it would be a tragedy and an injustice if no one attempted to help him. Pretending something doesn't exist and damning someone when a problem arises is frightening.