This has never ever been done before but…
I’m only a 16 year officer (Lt) but my two generations of cousins helped inform me on this topic.
The PBA has never ever put the members identify name on the ballots for election. I got my ballot today and a few things I noticed. No mention of the executive members so I guess the remark about others not be able to run is accurate.
The most disturbing issue is our names are o. The envelopes with our addresses. The purpose is for only one reason. The PBA leadership wants to know how we vote. They is no anonymity anymore.
Truly the PBA has fallen down below common sense. The PBA has gotten worse by the day. No transparency and now no free elections or the ability to remain anonymous. It makes one wonder what Einstein came up with that. Steadman has had 30+ years to get this eight and he screwed this up too.