Position vacancies are lucrative gigs. Apply within
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    Position vacancies are lucrative gigs. Apply within

    Looking for a few good people

    Benefit package:

    *$180,000.00 annual salary (this is in addition to your MDPD salary)

    *Luxury SUV for your personal use. You can take it across the country on vacations if you wish. You get a new one every 2 years.

    *Free fuel and car maintenance

    *Free daily meals paid by the membership. You pick the restaurants.

    *use of PBA credit card. Expenditures are non transparent. No one will know how, or where, you spend members money

    *luxury travel. Parlay your meaningless “business” trip (wink-wink) with a family vacation and pay for all your guests food, travel, and lodging.

    Stay at high end resorts

    *attend 3-day drinking frat house type gatherings

    *enjoy $2,500.00 a plate dinners for you and your guests

    *make your own hours. Part-time is just fine. BTW YOU DO NOT REPORT TO MDPD WORK EVER, BUT WILL COLLECT YOUR MDPD SALARY JUST THE SAME. Yes- $180k plus your MDPD salary. You just don’t ever report to MDPD- ever.

    *endless amounts of free shirts. Your name and title can be added free of charge (paid by members)



    Vice President benefits same as President

    Apply to be president or Vice President at 10680 NW 25 St. Doral, Fl.

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    What scumbags. They are in it for themselves.


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