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Our supervisors? Are you talking about the command staff who is getting a raise this year or the line level supervisors? One captain supervises like 8 people with a cpl and a 2 sgts who are busy watching youtube asses all day while patrol squads have sgts and cpls supervising 6 people squads! Not to mention the Lts who are doing I don't know what. Ask HCSO and TPD commanders how many they supervise. They get paid more for a reason. Over 100k to watch 8 people with 2 supervisors hardly needs to be a concern for us to worry about right now. Tier 2 is the hang point for us. The supervision push is an issue for us right now. Ya'll keep your eyes on the ball. Union discussions are coming. Just keep it low and be open to it. At this point let's weigh are options.
It looks like the latest budget meeting shows that they (non step employees-Chief, Capt, Lt, non-sworn) will get 2% on October 1, and up to another 2% when they get their evaluations. Way to go Plant City!!! Way to keep it entertaining (watching videos) in that unit “thinking outside the box”.