Jan. 6, 2021
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Thread: Jan. 6, 2021

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    Question Jan. 6, 2021

    A special day to remember?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constitutional Transition of Power from Biden to Trump View Post
    1. The DNC and MSM are unable to squash investigative results of voting fraud.
    2. National election results will be tossed out -- and then exactly who will Constitutionally step-in to ensure a legal "transition of power" from a fraudulently inserted president (Biden) to a duly elected president (Trump)?
    3. Only the U.S. military has the Constitutional authority to seize control of the U.S. government during a "Constitutionally enforced transition of power" -- and not the FBI, CIA and the rest of the alphabet soup that was recently created in the 20th Century. The alphabet soup is not Constitutionally based.
    4. It's similar to Florida sheriffs verses FHP e.g. one is Constitutionally based and the other is not. One can be abolished and the other cannot! Sheriffs can Constitutionally take-over any FHP investigation, but not visa versa.
    From the Michael Savage website:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zac Anderson View Post
    Florida is cradle of insurrection in the United States

    Florida is emerging as a cradle of insurrection from the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol building. Florida insurrectionists include correctional officers, firefighters, messianic rabbis, car dealership managers, ride-share drivers, nurse’s assistants, small business owners, bail bondsman's, child day care owners, chiropractors, Circle K convenience store workers, veterans, Oath Keepers and Republicans.

    Zac, "insurrection" is a legal term -- and not one single person from Jan. 6 has been charged with insurrection. Nay, not one! Conversely, the "forced MSM narrative" is that American patriots who love the U.S. Constitution are "insurrectionists." The U.S. government has become thoroughly corrupted with that mentality -- look at the DNC as an obvious example. In the most recent outrageous example of an attack on American patriots, the IRS denied non-profit status of a Christian organization because “the Bible’s teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican Party and candidates.” You can't make this stuff up and you can read the IRS statement verbatim here:


    It is very dangerous to be a God fearing American patriot in the USA.

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    Tucker Carlson: FBI agents may have helped organize Jan. 6 Capitol riot


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    Pompeo calls for pipehitters to "rise up throughout the United States"

    Quote Originally Posted by Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
    Pipehitter comes from military jargon. There’s lots of pipehitters out there. These are people who work hard, tell the truth, keep their faith, are fearless, aren’t going to be canceled, are going to take time to go to a city council meeting or to their church’s chili cook off. These people care about America deeply. They’re willing to suffer to defend the things we care about. Pipehitters get stuff done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Jan. 6, 2021. A special day to remember?

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    Hopefully Trump ends up doing time. That way you will stop posting dumb shizx on here about National politics. Bu bye Trump nut job

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    FBI solicits Julia Song for insurrection?

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Howley
    Prior to the January 6 Capitol protest, a federal agent contacted Julia Song to join their work against conservatives. Song now wants conservatives to be wary of “federal overreach.”

    Since January 6, federal agents have been mobilized against patriots nationwide. The FBI has been visiting and talking to major influencers of the Right, seeing who they can flip and who they can bribe.

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    FBI pre-planned false narrative against Trump supporters for Jan. 6

    4-minute OAN video:

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    Pelosi Creates Committee to Investigate Jan. 6 Demonstration at U.S. Capitol


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    Worried about extremist colleagues? – Facebook offers platform to report them


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