Letís keep them in the dark so we can run amok.
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    Letís keep them in the dark so we can run amok.

    No transparency meant to keep members in the dark
    Just as expected, transparency goes underground
    Well, at least I didnít have to wait two months for my HEAT propaganda. This time it came in June for the May/June.
    As usual the only article worth reading is the one from Ish.

    BUT, once again no minutes. Keeping the members in the dark is the order of the day.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY there is zero mention of the upcoming PBA elections. This lack of transparency, they believe, will ensure their reelection. Then they will praise themselves saying that they ran unopposed signaling that members are happy with their zero performance.

    Remember when they promised transparency? Well, now you know that they were lying.

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    There is no doubt but that the pba is nowhere near what it used to be. From day one they were inundated with scandals and bad decisions. They are in total denial.


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